Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor is the mother and Learning Coach of two children who are students at Pearson Online Academy. At Pearson Online Academy, she is able to be more involved in her children’s learning. Jennifer Shares her family’s story below.

“I first learned about Pearson Online Academy from a good friend of mine who had her two students enrolled in the program. She had given me a copy of the course catalog, and my husband and I stayed up very late one Friday evening reviewing it and discussing the potential of having our oldest daughter enroll. By the time we got up to start the day, she had found and read the catalog, and formed a very strong opinion about wanting to attend Pearson Online Academy. At that moment, we knew we would be enrolling her for 6th grade.

Prior to enrolling at Pearson Online Academy, our daughter attended a bricks-and-mortar school. During the last quarter of her 5th grade year, she was feeling so distracted—she was unable to focus on learning the material in a traditional classroom setting. Our daughter would come home from school feeling frustrated and discouraged with a huge amount of work. I started working with her and essentially presenting the material and concepts at home, spending up to four hours some days after she had already spent the entire day in school.

During the first half of her 6th grade year at Pearson Online Academy, we saw a dramatic shift in her attitude and test scores. The feeling of being able to achieve success became a huge motivator and has helped her remain an honor roll student ever since. Her positive attitude about school and love of learning was so powerful that her younger sister asked to be enrolled at Pearson Online Academy for the 1st grade.

Our family loves the flexibility of this school—we are now able to spend more time together as a family and take trips to places that tie into the curriculum. My students are able to set the pace of their learning on every topic and aspect without penalty or needing to seek permission. Pearson Online Academy has proven to be dynamic and challenging, and accommodating at the same time. Both of our students are able to move ahead in certain subjects, customizing a course load that is perfectly suited to provide the challenge that our students craved.

Pearson Online Academy has been a huge blessing for our family. The teachers are so eager to truly partner with you as a parent/Learning Coach for the fulfillment of a successful student. Over the last four years, at every turn, we have found the teachers to be quick to respond, and genuinely eager to help. For our family, there is no better place for us than Pearson Online Academy.”

Pearson Online Academy is not just a school that my daughters attend; it has also become a lifestyle we live everyday—not just on school days.
— Jennifer