Natasha Blakeney

Natasha Blakeney

Natasha Blakeney lives in Bowie, Maryland, where she has been a Learning Coach for her daughter Ariana since 2015. Ariana is an elementary school student at Pearson Online Academy. Natasha is pleased that her student is making academic strides with the help of Pearson Online Academy's scheduling flexibility. Read more about Natasha's story below.

'I was interested in something other than a traditional bricks-and-mortar school experience for my daughter. I came across Pearson Online Academy when I did an online search for virtual schools, clicked a link, and learned more about the program from there.

The flexibility and mobility are two aspects of the program that especially work for my family. With more flexibility, my student can work at a pace that is most comfortable for her. It means that if she quickly grasps new content or a new skill in a lesson, she can continue to move forward in the curriculum. Additionally, when my daughter needs additional time to master new concepts, there is time available to do so. I appreciate being able to tailor my weekly schedule to fit my student's needs and the needs of our family. The mobility of the school is also a big benefit for our family. If there is a need to travel during the school year, my daughter doesn't have to miss a beat because she can bring her computer and materials to learn virtually anywhere.

I can see the enormous progress that my daughter made from the beginning of kindergarten to the end of the school year. She is reading more fluently and her vocabulary has grown significantly. My daughter also enjoys connecting what she is learning in school to experiences outside the virtual classroom. She is able to regularly participate in social and educational activities with other children through a club for mothers in my community.

One thing I definitely appreciate is receiving regular feedback about how my daughter is doing in her classes. This provides an immediate opportunity to review and track her progress. I stay in touch with her teachers regularly via web-mail and phone. If questions arise during the day or there is a need for greater support to understand a new concept, I don't hesitate to pick up the phone. Her teachers have always been responsive in a timely manner.'

Pearson Online Academy's flexible approach enables my student to work at a pace that works best for her, and offers the mobility to learn virtually anywhere.
— Natasha