Adam Kadlec

Adam Kadlec

Adam Kadlec is an Pearson Online Academy high school student. He is from Chicago, Illinois and currently lives in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. At Pearson Online Academy, Adam can succeed in school while pursuing his passion for hockey. Learn more about his story below:

Adam attended another virtual school before enrolling with Pearson Online Academy, but he needed a more flexible program that would allow him to travel for hockey and complete his course work. His mother, Michele Kadlec, says, “He isn’t afforded much free time, so this flexible academic program opens up his schedule for hockey, academics, and friends." Adam also attended Minnesota Connections Academy for middle school, while attending a hockey academy in Minnesota.

As a professional hockey player in the Western Hockey League (WHL) for the Prince Albert Raiders, Adam spends half of each month traveling across Canada and to the northwest region of the United States. When in Prince George, Adam practices on a daily basis with his hockey team. “Many players on the team are 19 and 20 years old, so that makes Adam among the youngest players on the roster. Academics are important and the team works with the younger players to excel at hockey and school. Several of his teammates are also drafted into the National Hockey League (NHL)," says Michele.

Adam’s favorite subjects are math and history. He also enjoys engineering and being able to come up with solutions and various inventions. Along with engineering, Adam is also an excellent writer and speaker. His mother explains, “He is very detailed, yet easy-going. He likes things to be done thoroughly, and he fully engages in everything that he takes on."

Due to Adam’s hectic schedule, he is required to follow a strict diet, workout, practice, game, and travel regime. “His academics need to fit into this demanding schedule, yet provide the in-depth educational materials for Adam to advance intellectually. Adam’s teachers have engaged in his progress—they work with his schedule and are a constant resource. He is a straight A student and much more focused than I ever was. I’m working on my doctorate degree and appreciate Adam’s commitment. It’s not easy for a kid who just turned 17 and is playing at the highest level of hockey for his age. Plus, he’s living away from home over 1,400 miles away by car," Michele explains.

When he’s not busy with hockey, Adam keeps himself busy with golfing, mountain biking, paddle boarding, surfing, table tennis, and fishing. He also volunteers in youth hockey and participates in fundraising charity events.

In the future, Adam aspires to play professional hockey. He can play within the WHL for another three years and then move onto other professional teams. After Pearson Online Academy, Adam will begin online college courses to obtain a bachelor’s and master’s degree in finance and engineering. Eventually, he would like to be able to make a good income and donate money to children’s cancer charities and work with dog rescue programs.

Pearson Online Academy allows me to balance school and my passion for playing hockey. When I’m not able to connect to the Internet, I can work on essay papers and study using downloaded and printed materials.