Jendayi Omowale

Jendayi Omowale

Jendayi is a high school student at Pearson Online Academy. This 14-year-old fashion blogger and aspiring fashion designer lives in sunny St. Kitts in the Caribbean.

Previously, Jendayi attended her local school in St. Kitts. Seeking greater intellectual stimulation and also concerned about public safety issues at school, Jendayi and her family, a few years ago, began searching for an educational alternative. Seeking a high-quality, accredited, diploma-granting school, Jendayi’s parents enrolled her in Pearson Online Academy in 2013, for the start of her 7th grade year.

“Throughout most of my student life, I have wanted to be challenged in the classroom,” Jendayi comments. “With Pearson Online Academy, I can take courses that challenge me and make me learn something new every day.”

Pearson Online Academy has helped Jendayi achieve these educational goals and more. A gifted student, she is taking many higher-level courses that challenge her—courses that were not available in her former school. She loves Pearson Online Academy’s vast array of learning sources and its interactivity, like LiveLesson® sessions and collaborating with other students. Her mom especially likes Pearson Online Academy’s transparent assessments: she can log on anytime to see how Jendayi is doing in any given course.

Jendayi’s favorite courses are English and AP Art History, which this fashionista says “help me to educate myself in the fashion field and view it from different perspectives.” This “Fierce Glam” fashion blogger adds that Pearson Online Academy’s flexibility also helps her pursue her passion for fashion. “With my fashion blog, it is nice when I can stop doing school and watch New York Fashion Week without getting in much trouble—and still get my work done!”

The self-motivation and organizational and life skills that Jendayi is building to thrive in the Pearson Online Academy environment will also serve her well in the future, as she continues her education and begins her career. So, too, will the invaluable opportunity she has had to meet, connect, and form friendships with Pearson Online Academy students from across the globe—an experience she would never have had at her former school. Through course work and her membership in the Theater Arts Club and Student Council, Jendayi now has friends in South Africa, Texas, and Brazil.

After graduating from Pearson Online Academy, Jendayi plans to attend college to pursue her fashion career, hopefully at her dream school, New York’s Parsons School for Design.

I honestly did not expect Pearson Online Academy to be as interactive as it is. There is LiveTutor, LiveLesson sessions, WebMail, clubs, discussions, and group projects, and the list goes on. All of these elements help you interact with new people and ideas every day. It is an invaluable experience that every student should have.
— Jendayi