Mallory Griffin

Mallory Griffin

Mallory is a high school student who is now in her fourth year at Pearson Online Academy. This Louisiana native lives in Brazil.

Previously, Mallory attended traditional middle school in her hometown of Bourg, Louisiana, a small community located about 60 miles southwest of New Orleans. In 2011, Mallory’s family moved to Brazil. At that time, her family investigated local school options, including an area school attended by many American expatriates. The curriculum, however, was not very challenging. Ensuring that Mallory would benefit from the same, if not a more rigorous, course of study than the one she had received in Louisiana was essential to her family. Given the possibility that her family might return to the United States before she graduated from high school, this was a top priority. So, impressed with Pearson Online Academy’s curricular offerings and needing flexibility for frequent travel, Mallory’s family enrolled her in Pearson Online Academy in 2011, for the start of her 6th grade year.

Pearson Online Academy has been a great fit for Mallory and her family, and she is thriving both academically and socially. She has been challenged academically, saying that her favorite courses so far have been Spanish, Honors English, and Gifted Literature Study. Mallory loves all the educational resources available to her and especially her teachers, noting that “all of my teachers have helped me (and many other students) to be great.” The school’s flexibility has also truly benefited Mallory. “Instead of being in classes for a certain amount of time on the same schedule every day, I get to mix it up a bit,” says Mallory. Not only can she spend all day on an English assignment if she’s “in the zone,” but she can also pursue the many hobbies and extracurriculars she enjoys, including painting (and Pearson Online Academy’s Art Club) and snorkeling. She can also keep up with her work when she travels to the United States to visit friends and family.

Mallory is also grateful for the chance that Pearson Online Academy has given her to meet and form friendships with students as far away as Texas and the Caribbean—an opportunity she never would have had in Louisiana. “In the States, I don’t live in a huge area, so, during the school years, we mostly had the same group of kids every year. I think that the most new kids I ever met were those I met through Pearson Online Academy,” Mallory observes.

After graduating from high school, Mallory plans to go to college, hopefully in Louisiana. Thanks to her Pearson Online Academy Career Exploration course, she has decided that she’d like to be a librarian, aspiring to earn her master’s degree in library science.

Pearson Online Academy is wonderful and has many advantages. All of the teachers are great, and you make friends instantly. You can work at your own pace and study how you want.
— Mallory