Maria Clara

Maria Clara

Maria Clara is a graduate student of Pearson Online Academy who lived in Brazil with her family. As she prepared to attend college, Maria Clara was thankful for the flexible and challenging education Pearson Online Academy provided. She shares her experience below!

My Online High School Experience

I decided to attend Pearson Online Academy because it was an affordable school that provides a credible American education. I liked how I could set my own schedule and pace. Also, I could choose what time of the day I studied. Sometimes I finished two months earlier, allowing me to focus on studying for Advanced Placement®* exams and SATs.

My favorite subjects were physics and calculus because that’s what I was drawn to. I tended to be independent in my studies, but I know I could count on my teachers when I had questions.

One of my favorite experiences at Pearson Online Academy was a seminar I did as part of National Honor Society. I got to help teach younger students how to study, especially in an online school environment.

I plan to attend a medical or biomedical program in Europe. Pearson Online Academy has helped me by providing a credible American diploma that’s recognized around the world.

I loved Pearson Online Academy because I could set my own pace.
— Maria Clara

*Advanced Placement is a registered trademark of the College Board. Used with permission.