Meghan Nettuno

Meghan Nettuno

Meghan Nettuno is a 13-year-old from Alpharetta, Georgia. A high school student at Pearson Online Academy, she comes from a tight-knit family that really values its “together time.”

Meghan is the youngest of three sisters. All three girls previously attended their neighborhood school. However, the family was extremely frustrated with the rigid schedule of a traditional school. These travel-lovers found themselves taking their family vacations when it was convenient for the school, not for them. In addition, negative social problems, including bullying, furthered diminish the girls’ school experience.

While considering their schooling options, Meghan’s mother, Kimberly Nettuno, learned about Pearson Online Academy. After checking it out, the entire family was impressed with the school’s rigorous curriculum and certified teachers. The ability to take an amazing array of electives and participate in a wide range of clubs is what ultimately drew them to Pearson Online Academy. In April of 2014, Meghan’s mother enrolled all three children in Pearson Online Academy.

Pearson Online Academy’s online learning flexibility means the Nettunos can book their family trips at their convenience. Since Meghan and her sisters can do their schoolwork from anywhere, 24/7, they don’t have to worry about missing classes or assignments. They even leverage their travel to enhance their schoolwork, working with their teachers to weave local history, nature, and other topics into their curriculum. So this family doesn’t have to choose between making family travel memories and getting a quality education for the girls.

Meghan, who aspires to be an ornithologist or a paleontologist, especially loves her science and history classes. As much as she enjoys her coursework, Meghan says that her favorite part about Pearson Online Academy are her club activities. Her participation in Pen Pal Club, Sky Gazers’ Club, Pens and Lens student literary magazine (to which she contributes photographs), and Debate Club has allowed her to learn new skills and connect with other students around the world who have different backgrounds.

This young scientist-in-training has clearly already made one major discovery at Pearson Online Academy: her personal formula for academic and emotional success.

I like all the teachers at Pearson Online Academy. Whenever I need help, I can go to them. I have also contacted our principal and advisors. But my favorite thing about Pearson Online Academy is the electives and clubs, especially the Sky Gazers’ Club.
— Meghan