Ms. Marshall

Ms. Marshall

Bachelor’s Degree in English, Houghton University; Master’s Degree in Education, University of North Carolina

Charity Marshall started teaching in 2005, began teaching virtually in 2017, and joined Pearson Online Academy in 2020. She teaches language arts, gifted and talented language arts, and literature study, all to students in seventh grade.

Why I Became a Teacher

Education, reading, and a love of learning were emphasized in my family. My mother is a speech therapist and a literacy teacher, and she taught me to read at the age of three. I was always encouraged to excel in the international schools I attended in Indonesia and Kenya. I decided to follow in my mother’s footsteps and get my teaching license and a master’s degree in education.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work in a virtual learning environment, and I enjoy the chance to teach students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures at Pearson Online Academy.

The most rewarding part of teaching here is getting the chance to help students make connections between what they read and their community and the world around them. Students here have such unique and varied backgrounds, and I’ve enjoyed teaching athletes, artists, writers, actors, and more. I get to teach students from all over the U.S. and the world, allowing us to interact, share ideas, and grow in our knowledge together.

The Online School Experience at Pearson Online Academy

This school is unique in its approach to education in that it provides an individualized learning experience for students. Students learn through modules on an online platform as well as through direct instruction from teachers in a virtual classroom setting. The curriculum is rigorous and challenging, yet teachers make the lessons accessible and adaptable to foster student growth and achievement. Teachers and the administration here are dedicated to providing the best possible learning experience for students to help them succeed in their educational pursuits at any age and stage of life.

I foster student engagement by encouraging them to participate in shared activities and exercises during our face-to-face LiveLesson® sessions. I use a variety of tech tools and interactive games during these sessions thathelp students learn from each other while having fun.

An education at Pearson Online Academy helps prepare students for a successful future because it helps build independence, encourage responsibility, and foster self-motivation, ultimately preparing students for college and career-readiness.

The skills our students learn prepare them to not only be innovative, creative, and critical thinkers, but to be technologically advanced in today’s fast-paced society.

— Ms. Marshall

My Personal Interests

I love spending time with my family outdoors! We enjoy playing sports, traveling to new locations, hiking, camping, exploring, and going to the beach. I love to read a good book, as well as watch a movie or series based on a book I’ve read. I also love music and enjoy playing piano and singing on the worshipteam at my church. I enjoy running and working out, and I have completed four half-marathons and two obstacle-course competitions.