The Private School Teacher’s Role

The talented teachers at Pearson Online Academy are certified, highly qualified professionals committed to each student’s success. They are experts in their fields and grade levels and receive ongoing training in the most engaging and effective online instruction practices. Leading the virtual classroom with customized learning, our teachers help students around the world and across all grade levels achieve their potential.

Pearson Online Academy online teachers can create the lively personal interactions of a traditional classroom in an online setting. In a virtual lesson session, online private school teachers explain or demonstrate new concepts, lead discussions, write on a whiteboard, and show videos or other visuals. They can also create virtual “breakout” rooms where classmates can meet to collaborate on group projects. See how our teachers conduct lessons online using our interactive, real-time LiveLesson® technology to bring students together for class sessions.

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Individualized Instruction Program

Students learn best when lessons match their interests and abilities. The mission of Pearson Online Academy is to help each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through a uniquely customized learning program.

Each full-time student receives individualized instruction, including lessons tailored to that student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. This is the Personalized Performance Learning® (PPL) approach—a dynamic process that begins by evaluating each student’s strengths and needs. Teachers and counselors are then able to develop focused, customized approaches that work for the student along with the curriculum—all year long.

Timely Intervention

When help is needed, a private school teacher may modify instruction or lessons, provide meaningful ways to practice skills, and offer helpful resources. They may arrange to work with a student in a small group or even one-on-one. This personal attention empowers students to do their best and to achieve their goals.

Collaborating to Provide Even Greater Support

Pearson Online Academy teachers work together closely and talk regularly. They share best practices, subject matter tips, teaching methods, and more. For families working with multiple teachers, these teachers can coordinate efforts to meet the student’s needs.

Connected to Students and Families

The bonds that teachers at Pearson Online Academy build with their students are deep and strong. Often, private school teachers get to know the entire family well. These relationships enable teachers to make truly meaningful, life-changing connections with their students.

Experts in Online Education

Pearson Online Academy online teachers are caring, dedicated educators who are excited to work at a school where they can focus on helping individual students thrive. Our school is committed to selecting only the best and brightest online teachers to educate students. Why? Because excellent teachers make all the difference. They are instrumental in students’ success.

Students enjoy a rich online learning experience because teachers have intensive training in online instruction. They know how to motivate and engage students online, are highly skilled at using our technology, and know how to get the most out of our powerful online tools.

Impressive Credentials

Pearson Online Academy private school teachers are certified in their grade levels and subject areas. All have a bachelor’s degree, and many have a master’s or other advanced degree. They update their skills with training, coaching, and professional development. Teachers also collaborate regularly with other teachers to share best practices, subject matter tips, and teaching methods, as well as to coordinate their efforts to meet the student’s needs.

Committed to Continued Education

Pearson Online Academy teachers never stop learning so they can continue to excel at online teaching and customized learning for students. Through the Professional Learning Community, teachers get connected to the latest educational conferences, webinars, online courses, professional organizations, and research/education updates. They stay in the know about new products and resources through continued collaboration and participation in regular curriculum meetings.