Content Partners

We partner with leaders in educational publishing and instruction to build a top-quality curriculum for students in all grades, kindergarten through high school. Each year we reevaluate our curriculum and assess newly available materials to improve and enhance instruction. Texts, materials, and online content from our partners are supplemented with additional instructional content and activities developed by our own curriculum specialists. Together they create a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for academic success.

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BrainPOP is a leading producer of educational animated movies targeted to students in grades K–8, but enjoyed by students of all ages. BrainPOP movies explain concepts in a voice and visual style that is accessible, educational, and entertaining.

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Clairmont Press

Clairmont Press, one of the nation’s leading publishers of state history materials, publishes textbooks and resources in ten states and provides outstanding textbooks and teaching tools that meet all state standards and requirements.

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Discovery Education®

Discovery Education streaming is the only digital video-based learning resource scientifically proven to increase student achievement with comprehensive K–12 curriculum coverage in six core subject areas and correlated to state standards. Discovery Education streaming provides increased choice of resources appropriate to what educators are teaching.

Discovery Education Science powers our elementary and middle school science curricula with up-to-date, standards-based virtual labs, simulations, reading passages, and more, coupled with a real-time assessment component that measures a student’s progress. Organized around an inquiry framework and covering physical, earth and space, and life sciences, Discovery Education Science is designed to encourage exploration, stimulate critical thinking, and deepen understanding of science.

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The Great Books Foundation®

The Great Books Foundation is an independent nonprofit educational organization with a mission to help people think and share ideas. The foundation works to promote reading, thinking, and the sharing of ideas for people of all ages and to make high-quality literature and Shared Inquiry™ discussion a part of the K–12 curriculum.

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i-SAFE provides one of the most extensive e-safety education curriculum libraries in the world, including research-based, best-practice curricular resources accompanied by a diverse set of complementary activity programs and media products such as assembly kits, and youth-empowering mentorship and volunteering program manuals.

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The McGraw-Hill Companies is a global information services provider in the education, financial services, and information markets. McGraw-Hill Education (including textbook publisher Glencoe) addresses virtually every aspect of the education market—from pre-K through professional learning—with printed textbooks and many online resources.

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Pearson is the world’s leading learning company, with forty thousand employees in more than eighty countries working to help people of all ages make measurable progress in their lives through learning. For more information about Pearson, visit

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Perfection Learning®

Perfection Learning provides high-quality, innovative curriculum solutions to K–12 schools across the country and internationally. Its 6–12 print and digital programs cover all core curriculum areas and support both national and state standards. It is also one of the leading providers of trade books to K–12 classrooms in the country.

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Zaner-Bloser is one of the premier publishers of research-based reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, and study skills programs. Its handwriting program has been a national institution for several generations.