Lesson 1: Clay Animals

Art K Unit 4: Art Forms


A sculpture of an elephant shows the elephant standing with his trunk curled at the bottom.
How is art related to history?

  1. discussion icon Talk about your favorite animal.

  2. do icon Draw a picture of your favorite animal.

  • Identify elements of shape in sculptures
  • Relate sculptures to history and cultures
  • Create an animal sculpture using clay and the elements of shape
  • art form
  • clay
  • history
  • mold
  • sculpture

Lesson Guide (Coaching Guide)

Before beginning the lesson, read the Essential Question to your student. Have your student share any thoughts about the question.

  1. Tell your student that she will be making a sculpture of her favorite animal. Say: Today you are going to make a sculpture of your favorite animal. Imagining what this animal looks like will help you create your artwork.

    Have your student describe the characteristics of her favorite animal. Say: Close your eyes and imagine your favorite animal.

    Ask: What does your favorite animal look like? Possible response: It has green scales, four legs, and brown fur. How does your animal move? Possible responses: It walks on four legs; it crawls on the ground. What does your favorite animal’s face look like? Possible response: It has a long nose, a wide mouth, and very small eyes. What shape is the body of the animal? Possible responses: It is round; it is the shape of an egg. How is a drawing different from the real animal? Possible responses: The drawing is flat; I can hold a real animal.

  2. Help your student draw a picture of her favorite animal.