Lesson 1: Clay Animals

Art K Unit 4: Art Forms


  1. Learn about key words.

    mouse icon Glossary

  2. Watch as Zebra and Hippo talk about sculpture.

  3. discussion icon Talk about art from the past.
  4. Look at the picture of sculpture.

    A sculpture shows an ancient Egyptian cat.

  5. Look at the drawing of your favorite animal.

Lesson Guide (Coaching Guide)
  1. Work with your student to preview the definitions of the key words for this lesson using the Glossary. Say: The key words for this lesson are art form, clay, history, mold, and sculpture.
  2. Have your student watch the animation.
  3. Explain to your student that an art form is a kind of art that takes up space and that you can move around. Tell your student that art forms from the past tell us about the lives of people who lived then. Discuss with your student what art can tell about the lives of these people.
  4. Have your student look at the image of an ancient Egyptian cat. Help your student make a connection between the animation she just viewed and the Egyptian cat. Say: This is an old artwork. It is like the artwork Hippo thought he found. Ask: What do you see when you look at this art form? Possible responses: I see a cat; The cat is black; It is wearing a colorful collar.

    Explain that the cat is an example of an art form called sculpture. Say: This kind of art form is called sculpture. A sculpture is an artwork that you can see and feel, like a statue. Ask: What shapes do you see in this sculpture? Possible responses: The ears are triangles; The earring is a circle; The legs are straight lines.

  5. Have your student look at her drawing of her favorite animal. Say: Look at your drawing of your favorite animal. You are going to use clay to make a sculpture of your favorite animal.