Animals That Hibernate

How Are Animals and Plants Unique?


What unique thing does a bear do in the winter?

  1. discussion icon Talk about hibernation.
  2. discussion icon Look at the pictures. Read the words.
    A bear sleeps.illustration of bear and cub

  • Develop reading and oral vocabulary using high-frequency words we, my, like and words for seasons
  • Identify whether a selection is real or fantasy
  • Identify animals that hibernate like a bear
  • Identify and use adjectives in sentences

  • blustery
  • cave
  • fall
  • like
  • my
  • sleep
  • spring
  • storm
  • summer
  • we
  • winter
  • woods

Lesson Guide (Coaching Guide)
Before beginning the lesson, read the Essential Question to your student. Have your student share any thoughts about the question.
  1. Say: Do you remember why animals hibernate in the winter? Are bears the only animals that hibernate, or are there others? Answers will vary
  2. Have your student look at the two images on the slide. Ask her which shows something that is real and which shows something that is make-believe. Have her explain her answers.