Animals That Hibernate

How Are Animals and Plants Unique?


  1. Watch the movie.

    movie icon  Hibernation

  2. Click on the link below to view the matching words. Read the words.

    mouse icon Amazing Word Cards

    a bear sleepsa winter landscapecave




    the woodsa stormpalm trees blow in the wind.




  3. Listen to the song.

    music icon Hush, Little Brown Bear

  4. Choose a book to read.

    read icon My Cap

    read icon Winter Fun

    read icon The Cap

  5. Use adjectives to describe something in a story.
  6. discussion icon Talk about whether Bear Snores On is real or make-believe.

Lesson Guide (Coaching Guide)
  1. Tell your student she is going to watch a video about hibernation again. Explain that she should focus on how animals get ready to hibernate and how they come out of hibernation. Have your student access the “Hibernation” BrainPOP Jr.® movie. Pause the movie as each hibernating animal is shown.

  2. Have your student access the Amazing Word Cards. Instruct your student to look at the pictures and review the Amazing Words.

  3. Have your student listen to the “Hush, Little Brown Bear” Sing with Me song from the Reading Street Interactive Digital Path Website. Review the oral vocabulary used in the song: blustery, cave, sleep, storm, winter, and woods.

  4. Have your student reread one of the following books: the My Cap Decodable eBook, the Winter Fun eReader, or The Cap Get Set, Roll! Reader from the Reading Street Interactive Digital Path website to practice reading words with /k/ spelled Cc. Also, as your student reads, have her point out the high-frequency words we, they, and like.

  5. Have your student say a sentence using an adjective describing something in her chosen reader.

  6. Have your student explain to you whether Bear Snores On is real or make-believe. Have her explain how she knows.