Variables on Both Sides

Equations and Inequalities


The image is a scale with 2 rocks at each end balancing it.

Finding Balance

The equal sign in every equation indicates that whatever is on the left is equivalent to what is on the right. In other words, both sides are in balance.

An image represents finding balance bubbles.
The image holds 6 speech bubbles. The first ones are speech bubble “18 divided by 3” = speech bubble '6”. The second ones are speech bubble, “work 3 hours at $5 per hour.” = speech bubble “$15.00.” the last ones are speech bubble, “6 sandwiches” = speech bubble, “ your e friends eat 2 sandwiches.”

So far, all the equations you have solved have only had variables on one side of the equal sign. In this lesson, you will be introduced to equations that have variables on both sides of the equal sign.


  • Write and solve equations with variables on both sides

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Key Words

  • constant
  • inverse operations
  • variable
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