Mis actividades

Lo que nos gusta



A businessman holds a soccer ball, on a white background.

The Spanish-speaking world is not just interesting because of its language; our culture is also very rich. Though the Spanish-speaking world is comprised of many countries, there are some aspects that unite us apart from our language such as the activities we like to do. You will find that many people in Spain and Latin America have a lot in common with you! You probably like to do a lot of the same kinds of things as people your age do in Spain, Argentina, or Mexico, for example. But you may find that we like to add our own Latin flair to the things we do. Today, we will learn how to talk in Spanish about activities that people like and don't like to do. We'll also look at some of these activities that are common around the world, and maybe some that aren't. Select the play button to access the Amigos y actividades video from Realidades.


  • Identify and describe activities people like and don't like to do
  • Analyze common activities of high school students
  • Examine famous soccer academies within the Spanish-speaking world

Key Words

The following chart lists today's key words and expressions in English and Spanish. Write the words in your notebook, and be sure to leave space to write down pronunciation tips for each one.

Spanish English
correr to run
dibujar to draw
escribir cuentos to write stories
escuchar música to listen to music
ir a la escuela to go to school
jugar videojuegos to play video games
nadar to swim
pasar tiempo con amigos to spend time with friends
practicar deportes to play sports
tocar la guitarra to play the guitar
y and
también also, too

To Ask and Tell About Activities You Like and Do Not Like to Do
Spanish English

¿Qué te gusta hacer?

What do you like to do?

(A mí) me gusta _______.

I like to _______.

(A mí) no me gusta_______.

I don't like to _______.