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Do you love to eat? Mealtime in the Mandarin-speaking world is not only time to eat but also time to be with your family. In the Mandarian-speaking world, meals are eaten together.  Different utensils are used at mealtimes. In the United States, you usually eat with a fork, spoon, and knife, but in the Mandarian-speaking world,  chopsticks are used as well as  a different type of spoon. Do you pass your serving plates around at the table, so everyone gets a little of everything? Or does your mom or dad put the food on your plate from the stovetop? Keep reading to see how meals are served in the Mandarin-speaking world.


  • Recognize the sound and say the Mandarin terms for "food," "breakfast," "lunch," "dinner," and "eat"
  • Recognize and write the Mandarin character for "eat"
  • Compare mealtime traditions in the Mandarin-speaking world with your mealtime traditions
Key Words

  •  breakfast
zǎo cānzǎo cān
  •  dinner
wǎn cānwǎn cān
  •  eat
  •  food
shí pǐnshí pǐn
  •  lunch
wǔ cānwǔ cān

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