About Pearson Online Academy's Higher Purpose

As a virtual private school, Pearson Online Academy is committed to providing an affordable high-quality education that helps every student achieve academic excellence. We believe that the drive to achieve resonates among all of the students in our international school community. In collaboration with parents, our teachers and staff members are dedicated to motivating and inspiring students to seize every opportunity and make the most out of the flexible and personalized education that we offer.

Our Mission

Pearson Online Academy, a virtual private school, empowers students to excel academically and throughout their lives by providing a high-quality educational experience that develops self-directed and reflective learners who actively participate in our global society. It is our mission to help every student build the essential skills necessary for college or career readiness using innovative technology while cultivating a community of students driven to achieve. With a 93% college acceptance rate, our students are recognized as exceptionally qualified for success in higher education.

Our History

Pearson Online Academy was originally founded in the Spring of 2009 as International Connections Academy. We are the online private school extension of Connections Academy, pioneers of virtual public education in the United States. International Connections Academy was created to make a high-quality private school experience accessible to more students nationally and abroad. Building upon Connections Academy's expertise, award-winning curriculum, and state-of-the-art technology, Pearson Online Academy provides an excellent virtual private school option for students seeking a rigorous but flexible and affordable education.

The school was renamed Pearson Online Academy in the spring of 2020. With the support of Pearson, we will continue to empower exceptional students to pursue academic excellence from anywhere in the world through our virtual learning expertise.