Headshot of Mikel
Headshot of Mikel

Families come to Pearson Online Academy for many reasons. For Mikel Wand, it was because his family was moving. “Being online and being able to do assignments whenever I could make the moving process a lot easier,” Mikel explained, “not only for me, but also my family.” 

Not Too Fast, Not Too Slow 

The flexibility for students to work at their own pace is one of the biggest advantages of Pearson Online Academy. Though it wasn’t what initially drew Mikel to the school, he soon discovered how different it was to have this kind of academic independence. “At a regular public school, you had to do everything at the pace set by the teachers. If you didn’t know something, you just had to study harder or else you’d fall very behind,” he says. But the opposite situation was also common. “If you already knew something, you had to sit bored.”   

At Pearson Online Academy, Mikel has much more control. He can “speed through material that [he] may already know or slow down on lessons that [he needs] more help on.” 

Fully Engaged in What He’s Learning 

Mikel reports that his favorite subjects are English and psychology. “I’ve always loved reading and interpreting what I read,” Mikel says of his English course. “For psychology, it’s just really interesting to learn why we act the way that we do based on our environment and how our brain is naturally made.”   

When Mikel has questions or needs academic support, teachers are easily accessible. Mikel appreciates their “availability” whether “over the phone, on Zoom calls [or] over email.”   

As for his favorite experience so far, Mikel is clear: “My Japanese Live Lesson®!” He enjoys learning the language and culture. “Really cool!” 

I love Pearson Online Academy because of the flexibility of the schedule and the diversity of the curriculum.

— Mikel