Headshot of Vanessa
Headshot of Vanessa

For a student of Vanessa’s caliber, traditional school did not work. “I wanted to learn more and at a faster pace,” she recalls. “I wanted to move faster in my math and science studies … I wanted the chance to study even during summer holidays.” Then she found Pearson Online Academy and “never wanted to leave.”

More than a Scholar – a Leader

Many students at Pearson cite “flexibility to learn at their own pace” as one of the key advantages of the school’s approach. For Vanessa, her “own pace” seems to be as fast as possible (maybe even faster). “Pearson Online Academy has allowed me to go through my math and science course ahead of my own grade,” she reports. “I love the fact that I can [work] on weekends and holidays, and even take summer courses.”

You might think that such an exceptional student spends all her time on schoolwork. However, you would be wrong.

She has been the president of the STEAM Club for four years. She loves that she can “make an impact in [the] school community … and help start new initiatives for the school.” What kind of initiatives? “Mathathon events and the new math workshops, both of which speak to my passion of making math accessible for everyone.”

She also is part of the Future Leaders Club – no surprise there – where she enjoys “undertaking projects that benefit not just my school community, but the wider world as well.”

And Still Finds Time To …

“I also play the violin and chess, work part-time, and do independent math and physics studying,” Vanessa explains. Not listed among Vanessa’s many skills is world-class time management. Her ability to devote time and energy to each one of her passions relies on the flexibility the school gives her as a student.“

I start off the day with my independent math and physics pursuits, then do my assigned lessons, and spend the afternoons playing my violin, sharpening my chess, and doing work-related duties as needed.”

You might think that such an accomplished individual might be pushing herself too hard. Again, you would be wrong.“

The flexibility of my school day also leaves me time for rest and taking care of my physical and mental well-being,” she reassures us. “It would not be possible for me to have all of this in a traditional system.”

Pearson Online Academy gives me the freedom, the flexibility, and the foundation to be who I am and build my dream future.

— Vanessa