A Diverse Online Student Body

Pearson Online Academy’s student body has grown in diversity to comprise students with a wide range of academic interests and abilities. Energetic students from across the United States and abroad engage in learning through our high-quality online private school. Here are just a few of the many reasons why parents choose an international school such as Pearson Online Academy for their children, and some insight into what it’s like being a student online:

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College-Bound International School Students

There are many reasons why families with college-bound students should consider Pearson Online Academy. The excellent curriculum of an international school gets students ready for success in higher education and careers. Choosing from our extensive list of courses, the online student can enhance their transcript with exciting electives and rigorous coursework in their fields of interest. 

Families that Value Flexibility

Attending Pearson Online Academy is a wonderful choice for the online student who needs classes and study times to accommodate travel, family work schedules, or other needs, including studying during evenings and weekends or at various locations.

Our students also include dedicated athletes and performing artists who need extra time to pursue training, competitions, and performances. For college-bound student athletes, many of our core high school courses are approved for NCAA eligibility.

Location, Location, Location

Being a student online means you can attend from any location with an Internet connection, making Pearson Online Academy an excellent solution for families in the military or other careers that require frequent relocation. Even during a move, students can continue to learn consistently with their Pearson Online Academy teachers and classmates. English-speaking students living abroad with expat parents can receive a high-quality education that meets U.S. standards and earn a U.S. diploma.

In addition, parents living in the U.S. who are unsatisfied with their local schools or live in remote areas choose Pearson Online Academy for the excellent education.

Varying Academic Needs

With personalized learning and individual attention, Pearson Online Academy’s approach to education is ideal for many children. Students who have done well in traditional school usually adapt well to online learning with Pearson Online Academy. Children who have struggled receive the additional academic support they need to succeed, including instruction tailored to strengthen their skills in areas of weakness and the ability to take more time on challenging work. For online students who are advanced, Pearson Online Academy offers opportunities to deepen and accelerate their studies with gifted and talented, honors and Advanced Placement®* courses.

Families That Value Homeschooling

Many families that value having their children learn from home have turned to Pearson Online Academy for the outstanding curriculum, which is designed and developed by education and subject-matter experts. Others choose Pearson Online Academy over homeschooling because they need more challenging coursework and the support of professional teachers. Other homeschooled children may wish to supplement their current curriculum with additional courses.

Students Who Desire Enrichment

A variety of challenging international school courses are available to both full-time Pearson Online Academy students and to those who attend school elsewhere but wish to supplement and enrich their learning. Being an online student at Pearson Online Academy means access to courses not available in smaller bricks-and-mortar schools, such as world languages, music, computer programming, and career-exploration courses. Individual courses can be taken during the traditional school year or during summer school.

Watch Your Online Student Thrive at Pearson Online Academy
Our affordable, private online education enables students to pursue their passions and find what excites them both inside and outside of the classroom. When your environment around you is your classroom, your student has the ability and supportive online school program to make that happen. See how Pearson Online Academy can make a difference for your family.

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

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