Headshot of Maya
Headshot of Maya

Maya had previously been a student at a different online school. It didn’t work for her. “I was required to take subjects that I felt weren’t worth my time,” she explains. Then she discovered Pearson Online Academy with its wide range of subjects and courses. “I could study something that would help me in the future … something I actually enjoyed learning and applying.” 

Not Just an Online School – the Right Online School 

Maya is a strong and motivated high school student. She had originally attended a brick-and-mortar school and found both the curriculum and the pace to be limiting. “They have a dedicated schedule for what you learn and what pace the whole class will go,” she recalls. “I personally excel in subjects like math and science, so I was always ahead, waiting for the rest of the class to catch up.”   

At Pearson Online Academy, Maya can challenge herself. She has already completed the school’s algebra courses and is finishing up pre-calc. Her next mathematics challenge is AP Calculus, which Maya is “genuinely looking forward to.” In science, biology is Maya’s favorite course. In fact, she is already “looking to perhaps pursue a career in biology or related field.” 

Academic Flexibility, Personal Freedom 

As a student, Maya is thriving. As a person, Maya is also benefiting from the school’s flexibility and emphasis on individual responsibility. “I volunteer, I travel, I play badminton, I go to the mountains,” she reports. “If I ever want to do one of these things, I can fix my schedule to accommodate them.”   

And flexibility isn’t only about small adjustments in Maya’s daily or weekly schedule. “Last year, I took a vacation and finished all my courses a month earlier to make up for it,” she said. “I had an enjoyable holiday with no worries about school.”   

Maya certainly seems to have found the right school.  

If it wasn’t for Pearson Online Academy, I wouldn’t have reached my full potential.

— Maya