Ms. Bishop

Ms. Bishop

Bachelor of Science Education, University of Oklahoma

Fawn Bishop started teaching in 1995 and has been at Pearson Online Academy since 2020. She teaches science to students in eighth grade.

Why I Became a Teacher

This is my 28th year of teaching secondary science. I spent 25 years teaching in brick-and-mortar schools and am proud to be a part of Pearson Online Academy. Science touches every aspect of our lives. All students can apply science to their world, and nothing touches my heart like the reward of helping a student grow their knowledge and appreciation of all things science.

The most rewarding part of teaching here is helping students realize that nothing is too difficult for them. Watching students gain confidence and demonstrate mastery of concepts is everything!

The Online School Experience at Pearson Online Academy

Virtual learning has so many benefits and advantages. Students have great flexibility setting their schedule and many opportunities to collaborate and engage in both hands-on and virtual science labs and demonstrations, to name a few.

My favorite activities in class involve student discussions and group activities. I find that the answers are always in the room, and students do an amazing job of encouraging and assisting each other. The team-building happens organically and soon they are moving ahead and accomplishing great things!

Students here are getting a top-notch education. Our curriculum is the most thorough and rigorous that I’ve experienced.

— Ms. Bishop

What Parents of Prospective Students Should Know

Online learning offers tremendous benefits for all students at all levels. Distractions that may occur in traditional school settings don’t exist online. Students here still have a shared learning experience with others, and gain valuable experience in both synchronous and asynchronous environments.

Students at this school gain extensive experience navigating the technology of online learning, which will be a tremendous asset whether they’re college-bound or taking another path.