Learning Coach Carol

Carol is a Learning Coach for her daughter, McKenna, who is a high school student at Pearson Online Academy. Carol is grateful for the school’s flexible program, which allows her daughter to receive a quality education while maintaining a busy schedule as a professional martial artist. She shares her family’s story below:

“I learned of Pearson Online Academy from the internet. My daughter and I were researching online schools and came across it. After a great deal of research, we felt very confident in our choice.

What I like best about Pearson Online Academy is not only the rigorous program but the flexibility to take your studies with you. We often travel at a moment’s notice. Traveling for us isn’t just for pleasure but also for work and McKenna’s martial arts tournaments. My daughter is extremely active in her martial arts (Kuk Sool Won). Most of her activities are in the evening and therefore easy to accomplish. When she has tournaments, we plan accordingly and bring her computer to finish any school assignments.

I simply ask my daughter’s teachers any questions that I have. Her teachers have been wonderful and prompt with their replies. When I check McKenna’s grades and daily progress, I know with confidence that she is doing well. We have a close relationship, and she’ll tell me if there are any problems. Our favorite subject is history/government. We read together a lot on history because it’s the one subject I have a lot of fun with. I usually will tell her an interesting story behind a figure or time.

McKenna’s dream is to be a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Pearson Online Academy provides all the correct courses to be accepted into a four-year college or university.”

As a family who has lived abroad and experienced different cultures, Pearson Online Academy’s independent approach to high schooling is a perfect fit.
— Carol