Students Who Shine at Pearson Online Academy

Pearson Online Academy, an online private school, is designed to help students with diverse abilities and backgrounds thrive. Our individualized instructional approach can be a great choice for students who would benefit from more scheduling flexibility to accommodate activities such as sports and family time.

It’s also a good online school for students who prefer learning in the comfort of their home or anywhere that there is an Internet connection, are seeking an award-winning and challenging curriculum, or would like a wide-range of courses and electives. Pearson Online Academy can be a great supplemental option, as well, for those who are interested in online summer courses for high school students, or homeschool students who like to take additional electives and courses online.

Meet some of our students to see what they accomplish when given the tools to learn and the freedom to grow at Pearson Online Academy, an exceptional online school.

  • Akela

    Akela, an online student at Pearson Online Academy who loves mountain biking in his spare time

    Akela is a middle school student at Pearson Online Academy. He enjoys mountain biking near his home in Mexico and can balance his schoolwork and interests, thanks to his flexible schedule.

    About Me

    I’m passionate about mountain biking. Every morning, I get up at 5:00 a.m. and get ready to go to the mountains near my home. I get back around 8:00 a.m. and start working. My school schedule fits in perfectly with my routine.

    Why I Chose Pearson Online Academy

    Pearson Online Academy interested me because of how flexible the work is. I can wake up early in the morning and do one-third of my work and then go outside and bike for a couple of hours. If I want a Friday off, I can set up my schedule where I work harder during the week and then have a three-day weekend.

    My Online Middle School Experience

    I like the lessons at Pearson Online Academy because they include helpful videos and important information that’s provided in a clear way.

    My favorite subjects are math, science, and digital arts. I like learning different ways to solve quadratic expressions, and I also like to learn about ocean currents in science. My digital art class is fun because I get to experiment with many types of art, such as animation, painting, video editing, and more.

    I like all my teachers! They set up amazing LiveLesson® sessions every week and explain the current unit in a broad form. I also really like going to Social Hour, a LiveLesson teachers organize for students to chat about hobbies or school. I enjoy talking to people across the world and learning more about them.

    I like the lessons at Pearson Online Academy because they include helpful videos and important information that’s provided in a clear way.
    — Akela

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  • Braeden


    Braeden (Brady) Bakken is a graduate of Pearson Online Academy. From his home in Boone, North Carolina, Braeden was able to successfully work at a pace that suited him while being in remission. Learn more about Braeden’s experience with attending Pearson Online Academy.

    In 2011, Braeden was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer – Burkitt’s Lymphoma. He underwent nine months of aggressive chemotherapy, leaving him with a compromised immune system. The Bakken family then began searching for an alternative education option that would provide a flexible schedule and germ-free environment for all of their children. Tiffany Bakken, Braden’s mother, said, “It wouldn’t make sense for the family to send his older and younger siblings to public school, as they would still come home with the germs we were trying to avoid for Braeden.”

    Braeden often struggled with distractions and minimal attention at his local bricks-and-mortar school. At Pearson Online Academy, Braeden and his siblings, Marshall and Peyton, received much more individualized and effective attention from their teachers. “In the traditional public school, the focus was not on individual progress, so it limited Brady’s development. We were very happy with the rapport Brady achieved with his teachers. He had contact with them daily, and participated more in class than he did in his public school,” said Tiffany. His favorite subjects were math and English.

    In his free time, Braeden loved to play basketball and football with his friends and family. He enjoyed all sports, especially Nascar and the NFL, and often went to sporting events with his local friends. He also liked to communicate with his friends from out of town via Skype, e-mail, and text.

    After graduation, Braeden had plans to attend college and earn a degree in engineering. He always enjoyed building things and aspired to one day be an engineer for an auto manufacturer or Nascar.

    I loved Pearson Online Academy because I could take time on subjects if I needed more time, plus I had the flexibility to spend time with family and friends. My favorite thing was the teachers, plus we could go to Disney World when it wasn't crowded.
    — Braeden

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  • Iliana


    Iliana is a 2015 graduate of Pearson Online Academy, an accredited, online private school. She lived in Sofia, the capitol of Bulgaria.

    Before enrolling in Pearson Online Academy, Iliana studied at an international German school in Sofia that was structured to follow the German educational system. She and her family made the decision to enroll in Pearson Online Academy because Iliana was bored in school and wanted both more academic rigor and flexibility. “I enrolled in Pearson Online Academy because I was looking for a challenge,” Iliana says. “I was tired of spending hours in a boring classroom in a set schedule. I was usually ahead of everyone else and completed my assignments very fast, so often I was forced to just sit and wait for everyone to finish. Furthermore, I wanted to have subjects on a higher level, such as the APs. I wanted to choose which courses to take, something that was not allowed in my previous school.”

    An Pearson Online Academy student since 2013, Iliana loves school now and is taking a full schedule of demanding courses that were not even offered in her previous school. Her favorites include AP Calculus, AP English Literature, AP Art History, and AP Environmental Science. She enjoys the engaging e-learning technology, especially LiveLesson® webinars with certified teachers. Iliana loves her teachers, noting, “The teachers are amazing: they care about what each student does and are always there to help.”

    Flexibility is also important to Iliana, and she has taken advantage of her ability to choose rigorous courses that challenge her, as well as the freedom Pearson Online Academy gives her to set her own schedule. “I am passionate about many things, including tennis, skiing, drawing and photography, acting, and playing the piano. I love everything I do, and this is why I need a very flexible schedule to satisfy my thirst for extracurricular activities,” notes Iliana.

    An added bonus for Iliana has been the opportunity to meet, collaborate with, and form friendships with classmates from around the world. Iliana observes, “My favorite thing about Pearson Online Academy is the worldwide community of students. In my courses, I have ‘met’ people from Japan, South Africa, Latvia, Germany, and Hawaii! I think that this is an amazing opportunity.”

    During her time at Pearson Online Academy, Iliana served as president of the National Honor Society. After graduation, she moved to the U.S. from Bulgaria to study information science at Cornell University.

    This is the most amazing school! You can do the lessons whenever you want, but you still have due dates and terms so that you don’t fall behind. You can even study ahead and finish a course earlier! The teachers are amazing; they help you with everything you don’t understand.
    — Iliana

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  • Jackson


    Jackson is a high school student at Pearson Online Academy. He enjoys the flexibility that online school offers, which allows him to complete his schoolwork on his own schedule. This gives him more time for his hobbies, including writing and listening to podcasts. Jackson shares his story below:

    Why I Chose Pearson Online Academy

    My aunt introduced me to Pearson Online Academy. My mother and I did some research, and realized it offered everything we were looking for in a school.

    I like the LiveLesson® sessions the most. Other online schools I’ve attended didn’t offer frequent live virtual classes. I really like my teachers and have a good relationship with them. I like being able to give input during LiveLesson sessions. In addition to the live class sessions, the school encourages social interactions between students. I take part in the Community of Writers program. Pearson Online Academy offers many opportunities to get involved in clubs and programs, where you can interact with other students and make friends.

    My Online High School Experience

    What I like most about Pearson Online Academy is the autonomy it allows the student; I’m not stuck in a rigid, hour-per-subject schedule. I can work on what I want to work on when I want to work on it. If I have schoolwork I need to do, I’ll plan my schedule around that, and do extracurricular activities at a different time.

    I enjoy reading, writing, listening to podcasts, and walking. I can easily fit everything I want to do into my schedule. I like being able to take walks in the morning. The flexible schedule allows me to do that and still get everything done for school.

    About Me

    My favorite subjects are English and history. I read a lot, and I hope to become a writer one day. I like history because there are so many fascinating stories and figures that we learn about. History can be viewed from many different angles, and there are so many different periods to learn about.

    I’m not sure what career I will go into, but I am certain it will involve writing. I’m most interested in working in academics, either researching or teaching history. I enjoy learning about classical civilizations, like ancient Greece or Rome. Or I could become a writer for a newspaper.

    Pearson Online Academy has helped me prepare for my future by teaching me to be disciplined and work within limits, such as deadlines, paragraph lengths, and time constraints. These are skills that will be essential in whichever career path I choose.

    What I like most about Pearson Online Academy is the autonomy it allows the student; I’m not stuck in a rigid, hour-per-subject schedule.
    — Jackson

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  • Kate


    Kate is a middle school student at Pearson Online Academy. In many ways, Kate is like most girls her age: She likes panda bears, playing sports, and everything that sparkles. But in one significant way, Kate is truly unique. This world-class figure skater skated into the history books when, at the 2015 United States Figure Skating National Championships, she became the event’s youngest novice champion. Kate and partner Eric Hartley took the gold medal in the Novice Pairs category—in just their first year skating together. Kate’s older brother Chase, a Pearson Online Academy middle schooler, is also an elite skater, one who took home the silver medal in the Juvenile Boys event—despite battling food poisoning the night before.

    Kate started skating at a young age. At that time, she was enrolled in her local school. Her mom, Stacey, reports that for a time, Kate and her family were able to juggle skating and schoolwork. However, as Kate’s skating career started to take off, she needed to spend more time on the ice in lengthy daily practice and training sessions. Frequent travel for national and international competitions started taking its toll— never mind Colorado training sessions with her pairs coaches and partner. So Kate started missing lots of school because sitting in a traditional classroom for six hours a day just wasn’t feasible for her. Nor was this schedule tenable for her family, including her work-from-home mom and four siblings.

    So, in 2014, Stacey enrolled Kate and her brother Chase in Pearson Online Academy. Online learning’s flexibility means that Kate and Chase can juggle schoolwork and their rigorous training and competition schedules. So there’s no more stressing out about making up missed classes or assignments, and the pair can do their schoolwork from just about anywhere, 24/7. But just as important, Kate and her brother benefit from Pearson Online Academy’s blue-chip Connections Academy curriculum and certified teachers. “Pearson Online Academy’s high-quality curriculum, wide choice of courses, and terrific teachers means our family doesn’t have to choose between letting Kate and Chase pursue their skating dreams and ensuring that they get a top-notch education,” Stacey comments.

    Kate’s mom, Stacey, credits her daughter’s native talent, hard work, and dedication for her success, but she says that Pearson Online Academy is the “fuel” that keeps this family’s engine running.

    The sky’s the limit for this skating dynamo. And whether Kate’s future includes more world championship or even Olympic titles is a chapter in her life yet to be written. But one thing is for sure: This Pearson Online Academy student will continue to soar and serve as a role model for other youngsters seeking to balance academics and athletic dreams.

    Pearson Online Academy has been an amazing opportunity for me because it is allowing me to follow my dreams while getting a great education.
    — Kate

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  • Madison

    Headshot of Madison

    Madison is an elementary school student at Pearson Online Academy. She’s passionate about drawing, and her favorite subject is social studies. 

    About Me

    Since I was little, I’ve loved to draw. To manage my school schedule around this hobby, I usually take a break once I’ve completed half the lessons for the day. Sometimes, when I’ve been doing schoolwork for about 90 minutes, I’ll also take a break.

    My favorite subject is social studies. Whenever I start reading about the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, or just anything, it feels like it sparks a fire in me. In a way, it’s almost like reading a book — and I love to read books! I also like watching classroom videos and completing the activities. 

    Why I Chose Pearson Online Academy

    I became interested in going here when I learned it’s an online private school. That was something I’d never heard of before. Also, since COVID-19 cases were going up at the time, I figured an online school would help me in that situation.

    I love that I’m able to manage my own schedule. I feel time management is an important skill to master. I previously attended a progressive public school, which was very different. At first, I had a hard time adjusting here because I was unfamiliar with the school’s online learning platform. 

    My Online Elementary School Experience 

    I have a good relationship with my teacher. Classroom-Based Assessments are a blast, and I love to raise my hand in class. My old school wasn’t as academically challenging as this one. I’m grateful I have the opportunity to learn and grow at this school. 

    My most memorable experience at Pearson Online Academy has probably been challenging myself with new things — such as sharing my art in arts and crafts club, starting an extracurricular, or applying for a scholarship. Overall, I’ve been having a wonderful time learning and growing at this school. 

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  • Maria Clara

    Maria Clara

    Maria Clara is a graduate student of Pearson Online Academy who lived in Brazil with her family. As she prepared to attend college, Maria Clara was thankful for the flexible and challenging education Pearson Online Academy provided. She shares her experience below!

    My Online High School Experience

    I decided to attend Pearson Online Academy because it was an affordable school that provides a credible American education. I liked how I could set my own schedule and pace. Also, I could choose what time of the day I studied. Sometimes I finished two months earlier, allowing me to focus on studying for Advanced Placement®* exams and SATs.

    My favorite subjects were physics and calculus because that’s what I was drawn to. I tended to be independent in my studies, but I know I could count on my teachers when I had questions.

    One of my favorite experiences at Pearson Online Academy was a seminar I did as part of National Honor Society. I got to help teach younger students how to study, especially in an online school environment.

    I plan to attend a medical or biomedical program in Europe. Pearson Online Academy has helped me by providing a credible American diploma that’s recognized around the world.

    I loved Pearson Online Academy because I could set my own pace.
    — Maria Clara

    *Advanced Placement is a registered trademark of the College Board. Used with permission.

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  • McKenna


    McKenna Godwin-Butler is a high school student at Pearson Online Academy. As a professional martial artist, the flexibility in scheduling that Pearson Online Academy provides has allowed McKenna to receive a high-quality education while pursuing her athletic passions. She shares her story below:

    “Kuk Sool Won martial arts has become a long-lasting passion of mine. Over the years, I have become a professional martial artist. I work at a studio five nights a week teaching children and adults how to defend themselves and get out of a confrontational situation. It makes me feel good to be able to help them in emotional instances and grow their self-esteem to the point where they aren’t afraid. The wonderful aspects of Pearson Online Academy allow me to work at my own pace and give me the freedom to manage schoolwork while being a professional martial artist.

    My favorite subjects are English and history/government. I have always had a love for books and literature, which allows you to escape the pressures of life. My mother is a historian, and I have gained a passion for history because of the conversations we have and the many places we have visited. My father is retired military but still works for the army. I’ve grown up listening to conversations about actions in the government and being a part of that world.

    I have a respectful relationship with my teachers at Pearson Online Academy. I go to them when I need help, and they’re always there for me when I need them. It’s like having a friend you can count on, and the way they teach me is in an understanding tone, which helps me learn better.

    My main goal at this time is to attend a college that will help me in my future career choices. Pearson Online Academy has helped prepare me by supplying me with important information and knowledge from extremely helpful teachers and staff.”

    Outside of school and work, McKenna maintains an active social life. She says, “As a military child, you grow up in a community of people who have all experienced the same things in life! Although you may move from time to time and lose touch, there are always military bases you can go to meet people or go to see movies, swimming, horseback riding, and more. Also, in the studio, I teach teenagers who come in to learn martial arts, and I become friends with them. A great way I try and stay in touch with my friends is through Skype and FaceTime.”

    What I enjoy most about Pearson Online Academy is that it gives students the independence to learn on their own using the knowledge they gain from the coursework and teachers.
    — McKenna

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  • Melodie


    Melodie is an elementary school student at Pearson Online Academy. Located in Mexico, she decided to attend Peason Online Academy so she could learn English and meet new people from different countries.

    About Me

    I love acting and writing. I attend acting classes and write stories in my free time. 

    My Online Elementary School Experience

    At Pearson Online Academy, my favorite subject is language arts because it’s very interesting. I’m fluent in Spanish, but sometimes I forget words in Spanish because I speak so much English. I also enjoy LiveLesson® sessions because they’re fun and I learn new things every day.

    What I like most about Pearson Online Academy is my classmates. They’re so nice, and there’s no bullying, even though we’re all different.

    What I like most about Pearson Online Academy is my classmates. They’re so nice.
    — Melodie

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  • Paola


    Paola is a middle school student at Pearson Online Academy. She’s currently located in Brazil and loves the flexibility that Pearson Online Academy offers.

    Why I Chose Pearson Online Academy

    My family and I used to live in China, but I didn’t adapt well to my school there so my parents decided to switch to Pearson Online Academy. Our family travels often, and the flexibility that Pearson Online Academy provides is great.

    My Online Middle School Experience

    My favorite subject is language arts. I love writing essays and analyzing literature. My teachers are extremely helpful and professional. I always feel comfortable reaching out to them for help.

    My favorite moment at Pearson Online Academy so far was when I received the distinguished honor roll this year!

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  • Trinity


    When Trinity’s previous high school curriculum wasn’t academically challenging enough and didn’t push her to improve beyond her capabilities, her family made the decision to enroll her in Pearson Online Academy.

    Why I Chose Pearson Online Academy

    My previous school didn’t keep me engaged. This program challenges me, so I feel invested every step of the way.

    About Me

    My favorite subjects are Japanese and English. I’ve always wanted to learn a foreign language—and I love exploring different cultures of the world. I also enjoy writing and creating new worlds and characters.

    I spend my spare time playing the viola and playing video games. I balance the two by completing all my schoolwork first, practicing my instrument second, and then playing video games when everything else is completed.

    My Online High School Experience

    The classes are difficult, but the teachers provide thorough explanations, so I don’t feel frustrated if I don’t understand new concepts. My teachers are kind and patient. They answer any questions that I have and are very encouraging.

    My favorite experience at school so far has been my first Art Club meeting. It was inspiring and amazing to see everyone’s great artwork!

    After graduation, I plan to become a professional musician and play in an orchestra. Pearson Online Academy is preparing me by teaching me time management and organizational skills.

    Pearson Online Academy has a caring staff, plenty of options for classes and clubs, and a very welcoming atmosphere.
    — Trinity

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  • Valeria


    Valeria lives in Spain with her family and is a middle school student at Pearson Online Academy. She uses the flexible scheduling of virtual school to share her love for technology with other students on her own YouTube channel and website.

    Why I Chose Pearson Online Academy
    I wanted to attend an online school that gave me flexibility so I could invest more time in my passion, which is the technology world. At my previous school, I didn’t have flexibility to do everything I wanted, and I had to study many subjects that weren’t interesting or useful. I also wanted to enroll in an American school to learn English, so the option of Pearson Online Academy was perfect.

    I’m passionate about robotics, programming, and technology. My favorite subject is math because I’ve practiced it since I was little and have always been good at it. My favorite activities are playing tennis, soccer, and creating videos for my YouTube channel, where I teach other kids how to use technology.

    My Online School Experience
    Thanks to Pearson Online Academy, I have time for activities and can dedicate more than two hours every day to my love of technology!
    My old public school in a small Spanish town was a five-minute walk from home, but it wasn’t online. It was only in Spanish and had too many classes. Now I have time to dedicate myself to STEM projects and subjects that interest me. Plus, I enjoy learning about the United States, thanks to each of my teachers.

    About Me
    I enjoy spending time with my grandpa, who was a math teacher for 40 years and now helps me at home. Before attending Pearson Online Academy, I didn’t spend much time with him, but now we spend an hour together every day!

    Thanks to Pearson Online Academy, I have time for activities and can dedicate more than two hours every day to my love of technology!
    — Valeria

    To find out more about how Valeria is using her interest in technology to help other students, check out her YouTube channel.

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