Students Who Shine at Pearson Online Academy

Pearson Online Academy, an online private school, is designed to help students with diverse abilities and backgrounds thrive. Our individualized instructional approach can be a great choice for students who would benefit from more scheduling flexibility to accommodate activities such as sports and family time.

It’s also a good online school for students who prefer learning in the comfort of their home or anywhere that there is an Internet connection, are seeking an award-winning and challenging curriculum, or would like a wide-range of courses and electives. Pearson Online Academy can be a great supplemental option, as well, for those who are interested in online summer courses for high school students, or homeschool students who like to take additional electives and courses online.

Meet some of our students to see what they accomplish when given the tools to learn and the freedom to grow at Pearson Online Academy, an exceptional online school.

  • Juliet

    Headshot of Vanessa

    When Juliet was a sophomore, her family relocated from North Carolina to Saudi Arabia. Although she enjoys living in a different country and experiencing a (very) different culture, this highly motivated student was not satisfied with her educational options. “It seemed like no school around my city fit my needs for rigorous coursework,” she said. Then her family discovered Pearson Online Academy. 

    More Flexible and More Rigorous

    Juliet had been in a traditional brick-and-mortar school her entire life. “I was excited to find the flexibility in the coursework” she reports. It “allowed me to complete my courses at my own pace.” For Juliet, that pace is accelerated. She’s already gone through most of the high school curriculum, and now is on to college-level courses, including AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Economics, and more.   

    One of her favorite things about Pearson “is the opportunity to take dual enrollment courses with Pearson Pathways to earn college credit,” Juliet continued. She also likes that she has almost limitless opportunities to challenge herself intellectually.   

    Juliet’s teachers have been extremely supportive of her rigorous curriculum. “My teachers take extra care to make sure I’m on the right track to fulfilling my personal goals,” she says. They are also readily available when she needs help. “It is very easy… to schedule personal 1:1 calls anytime!”  

    Working Out, Baking, Investing 

    The flexibility of Pearson Online Academy enables Juliet to take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities “from going to my local sports center to baking a three-layer cake… or any other activity I desire.”   

    She is part of the Leadership Club at school. Since Juliet is already looking ahead toward a career in finance, she was thrilled “to compete in the Stock Market Game against other teams and schools.” And yes, it worked out well. “I served as the director for my team, and we actually ended up winning first place.”   

    In the fall, Juliet will be returning to the U.S. to attend the University of Pennsylvania. 

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  • Vanessa

    Headshot of Vanessa

    For a student of Vanessa’s caliber, traditional school did not work. “I wanted to learn more and at a faster pace,” she recalls. “I wanted to move faster in my math and science studies … I wanted the chance to study even during summer holidays.” Then she found Pearson Online Academy and “never wanted to leave.”

    More than a Scholar – a Leader

    Many students at Pearson cite “flexibility to learn at their own pace” as one of the key advantages of the school’s approach. For Vanessa, her “own pace” seems to be as fast as possible (maybe even faster). “Pearson Online Academy has allowed me to go through my math and science course ahead of my own grade,” she reports. “I love the fact that I can [work] on weekends and holidays, and even take summer courses.”

    You might think that such an exceptional student spends all her time on schoolwork. However, you would be wrong.

    She has been the president of the STEAM Club for four years. She loves that she can “make an impact in [the] school community … and help start new initiatives for the school.” What kind of initiatives? “Mathathon events and the new math workshops, both of which speak to my passion of making math accessible for everyone.”

    She also is part of the Future Leaders Club – no surprise there – where she enjoys “undertaking projects that benefit not just my school community, but the wider world as well.”

    And Still Finds Time To …

    “I also play the violin and chess, work part-time, and do independent math and physics studying,” Vanessa explains. Not listed among Vanessa’s many skills is world-class time management. Her ability to devote time and energy to each one of her passions relies on the flexibility the school gives her as a student.“

    I start off the day with my independent math and physics pursuits, then do my assigned lessons, and spend the afternoons playing my violin, sharpening my chess, and doing work-related duties as needed.”

    You might think that such an accomplished individual might be pushing herself too hard. Again, you would be wrong.“

    The flexibility of my school day also leaves me time for rest and taking care of my physical and mental well-being,” she reassures us. “It would not be possible for me to have all of this in a traditional system.”

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  • Samantha

    Headshot of Samantha

    Samantha has attended Pearson Online Academy since kindergarten. Her two older sisters had been enrolled in a pilot program, Samantha explains. “My parents enjoyed the program’s freedom and flexibility for both of them. So, they enrolled me in kindergarten, and I’ve been a part of the program ever since.”

    But What If … ?

    Unlike many students at Pearson Online Academy, Samantha has never experienced a traditional brick-and-mortar education firsthand. Even still, she understands what the Pearson curriculum has meant for her – and also what it has not.“

    In a different scenario, I would be hindered in school,” she believes. “I have times with high motivation and periods with low drive. However, because Pearson allows me to design my own schedule … I do not find myself hating completing schoolwork or struggling to get through classwork.”

    Because of Samantha’s thoughtful perspective – and her many years at the school – she was asked to represent Pearson at events for prospective families. She remembers those events and families “fondly,” and adds that “it was a lot of fun to chat about … how the program [could] help them as well.”

    An Honors Student, A Military Cadet

    Samantha is proud to be involved with the school’s National Honor Society (NHS), an organization established to recognize gifted and talented high school students. Samantha raves about “the wonderful group of students” as well as the “fantastic teacher.”

    NHS challenges students to further develop their academic strengths through school activities and community service. Samantha embraces all of it. “I really like the different activities and classes that we create and do for the school,” she says.

    Recently, she’s taken that commitment to leadership and service one step further. “I am now participating in a military cadet program,” Samantha reports. She notes that her added responsibilities can be “time-consuming,” and once again appreciates the flexibility of the Pearson Online Academy curriculum to “lighten her workload” and “avoid stress.”

    Samantha, you make us all proud.

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  • Ben

    Headshot of Ben

    Ben travels all over the world with his family and still is able to attend school as a full-time student at Pearson Online Academy. When Ben’s travel schedule is particularly demanding, Pearson makes it possible for him to get his work done in advance of his trips. “So even when I miss days, I don’t fall behind,” he says.

    Why Ben’s Family Chose Pearson Online Academy

    Ben’s favorite subject is science. He likes learning about nature and especially enjoys studying chemistry —even outside of school. “I’m passionate about… chemistry and science,” he says. And Ben’s extracurricular activities don’t stop there. “I’m also passionate about arts and crafts. In terms of sports, I practice judo and jiu jitsu, and enjoy playing in the pool.”

    The Online Experience at Pearson

    At Pearson Online Academy, the focus is making sure that students are keeping up with the material— with the flexibility to accommodate individual schedules and circumstances. Ben is well aware of that flexibility: “I can work at any time of day, including weekends if necessary. In the weeks before a trip, I pack on more work than usual.”

    Ben also understands that his teachers play a critical role: “They track my progress” no matter where Ben and his family happen to be.

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  • Chloe

    Headshot of Chloe

    Chloe is a competitive fencer, a dedicated athlete, and a high school student at Pearson Online Academy. Fencing is extremely demanding, in terms of both training and travel. Pearson’s flexibility has allowed Chloe to fully commit to her sport—without sacrificing her education. Online learning lets her “dedicate more time to my passion… as well as my schoolwork,” Chloe says.

    Why Chloe’s Family Chose Pearson Online Academy

    Highly competitive athletes like Chloe often struggle to balance the schedules of their sport and their brick-and-mortar school. “I train for almost 20 hours every week at my [fencing] club… as well as over an hour a day at home,” she explains. “I’m only able to [make it work] because of the flexibility Pearson Online Academy provides.”

    And it’s not just about flexibility. It’s about access, at any time from any place. “No matter where I am, I am able to… check my webmail, look at my lesson schedule, complete lessons, or join LiveLesson® sessions,” Chloe reports.

    The Online Experience at Pearson

    Chloe’s teachers fully embrace her commitment to fencing. They understand that she has important goals both in and out of school. “They are always very helpful… when I have questions. I can easily set up appointments or call them when I need help,” Chloe says. “I also love that my teachers want to help me [get] good grades in their classes.”

    Chloe is a high achiever in school. Her fifth-grade science project, a water filter, was selected as the best in a class poll. She got to present her filter to the school in a LiveLesson® session. And how did it go? The experience was Chloe’s “most memorable moment at Pearson so far.”

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  • Maya

    Headshot of Maya

    Maya had previously been a student at a different online school. It didn’t work for her. “I was required to take subjects that I felt weren’t worth my time,” she explains. Then she discovered Pearson Online Academy with its wide range of subjects and courses. “I could study something that would help me in the future … something I actually enjoyed learning and applying.” 

    Not Just an Online School – the Right Online School 

    Maya is a strong and motivated high school student. She had originally attended a brick-and-mortar school and found both the curriculum and the pace to be limiting. “They have a dedicated schedule for what you learn and what pace the whole class will go,” she recalls. “I personally excel in subjects like math and science, so I was always ahead, waiting for the rest of the class to catch up.”   

    At Pearson Online Academy, Maya can challenge herself. She has already completed the school’s algebra courses and is finishing up pre-calc. Her next mathematics challenge is AP Calculus, which Maya is “genuinely looking forward to.” In science, biology is Maya’s favorite course. In fact, she is already “looking to perhaps pursue a career in biology or related field.” 

    Academic Flexibility, Personal Freedom 

    As a student, Maya is thriving. As a person, Maya is also benefiting from the school’s flexibility and emphasis on individual responsibility. “I volunteer, I travel, I play badminton, I go to the mountains,” she reports. “If I ever want to do one of these things, I can fix my schedule to accommodate them.”   

    And flexibility isn’t only about small adjustments in Maya’s daily or weekly schedule. “Last year, I took a vacation and finished all my courses a month earlier to make up for it,” she said. “I had an enjoyable holiday with no worries about school.”   

    Maya certainly seems to have found the right school.  

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  • Mikel

    Headshot of Mikel

    Families come to Pearson Online Academy for many reasons. For Mikel Wand, it was because his family was moving. “Being online and being able to do assignments whenever I could make the moving process a lot easier,” Mikel explained, “not only for me, but also my family.” 

    Not Too Fast, Not Too Slow 

    The flexibility for students to work at their own pace is one of the biggest advantages of Pearson Online Academy. Though it wasn’t what initially drew Mikel to the school, he soon discovered how different it was to have this kind of academic independence. “At a regular public school, you had to do everything at the pace set by the teachers. If you didn’t know something, you just had to study harder or else you’d fall very behind,” he says. But the opposite situation was also common. “If you already knew something, you had to sit bored.”   

    At Pearson Online Academy, Mikel has much more control. He can “speed through material that [he] may already know or slow down on lessons that [he needs] more help on.” 

    Fully Engaged in What He’s Learning 

    Mikel reports that his favorite subjects are English and psychology. “I’ve always loved reading and interpreting what I read,” Mikel says of his English course. “For psychology, it’s just really interesting to learn why we act the way that we do based on our environment and how our brain is naturally made.”   

    When Mikel has questions or needs academic support, teachers are easily accessible. Mikel appreciates their “availability” whether “over the phone, on Zoom calls [or] over email.”   

    As for his favorite experience so far, Mikel is clear: “My Japanese Live Lesson®!” He enjoys learning the language and culture. “Really cool!” 

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  • Kennedy

    Headshot of Kennedy

    Kennedy is a high school student at Pearson Online Academy. Outside of school, she travels as much as possible, and is passionate about going to her youth group and hanging out with friends. Kennedy is clear about the best part of Pearson: “I’m able to work at my own pace.”

    Why Kennedy’s Family Chose Pearson Online Academy

    At Kennedy’s previous school, learning was too rigid. Tests were given before material could be mastered, with no accommodation for personal preferences. It just wasn’t working for her/him.

    At Pearson Online Academy, “I’m able to work at my own pace,” Kennedy explains. She never feels “rushed.”

    Pearson’s more flexible approach has increased Kennedy’s motivation and productivity. “I love writing stories,” she says, “and in my English class we get to write them all the time. My teacher, Mr. Kiurski, makes [everything] understandable… [Every day I] learn things I never knew before.”

    Stronger Relationships with Teachers and Other Students

    “My relationship with my teachers is like a friendship,” Kennedy said. “When I’m having trouble with a lesson or with something else, I am able to go to them without being scared.”

    Kennedy is developing a similar kind of relationship with the younger students she helps mentor. In fact, she says Book Buddies might be her most memorable experience at Pearson. She loves reading to the younger kids, as she refers to as “these future leaders.” Kennedy says it’s been great “getting to know everyone a little bit better.”

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  • Tom

    Headshot of Kennedy

    Tom is a middle school student at Pearson Online Academy who travels frequently with his family. At Pearson, he can get his schoolwork done at any time of day, even on weekends. Tom likes that he can work ahead, “so when I miss some days due to traveling, I’m still on track.”

    Why Tom’s Family Chose Pearson Online Academy

    Tom is eager to learn—about almost anything. “I like science because it teaches me about the universe and the human body. I like math because numbers intrigue me. I like social studies because [I like learning] about the history and culture of many different countries around the world.”

    Like all students, Tom relies on his teachers. “My teachers help me when I encounter things I do not understand during a course,” he explains. “They also track my progress” to make sure he doesn’t fall behind, especially when traveling.

    Tom was particularly proud of his performance on a recent computer-based assessment (CBA). “My math teacher… told me it was the best CBA [he’d seen]. I will never forget [that] compliment.”

    Active and Engaged, Even Outside of School

    Tom’s thirst for knowledge extends beyond his coursework: “I am passionate about dinosaurs [and] read everything I can find about them. I have become quite an expert!”

    He is also active in several sports, including judo and jiu jitsu. And even with such a busy schedule, Tom still finds time to play in the family’s pool.

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  • Callahan

    Headshot of Callahan

    Callahan used to attend a traditional brick and mortar school. The curriculum was highly structured, deadlines were deadlines, and she “was unable to work at [her] own pace.” Then came the pandemic. Callahan’s family discovered Pearson Online Academy, which not only is a better academic fit for their daughter, but also allows her to connect with students from around the world.

    Taking Ownership

    “Being able to work at my own pace works extremely well for me,” reports Callahan. The strict deadlines at her previous school offered her little opportunity to manage her own workload or decide for herself which topics needed extra attention or when she needed more teacher support.

    At Pearson Online Academy, support is easy to ask for and always available. “I like being able to contact teachers for additional support,” she says. “They are all very nice, supportive, and always there to help with any questions I may have.”

    Making Global Connections

    As an online school, Pearson offers another dramatic difference from brick-and-mortar schools: the opportunity to connect with all kinds of students from all kinds of places. Callahan has joined the school’s Future Leaders Club, which is more than just a way to develop her leadership skills.

    She explains: “I love being part of Future Leaders Club because it allows me to connect with other students from all over the world and in different grades.”

    In fact, since enrolling in 2020, Callahan’s most memorable experience at the school was through this extracurricular activity. “My favorite experience at Pearson Online Academy was being able to lead a club meeting with one of my fellow club members,” Callahan says. “It was a really fun experience!”

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  • Hitej

    Headshot of Hitej

    For highly motivated students such as Hitej Radia, the flexibility and independence of the Pearson Online Academy curriculum offer enormous advantages. “I have so much more time throughout the day,” he says. Hitej uses that extra time well. He is part of the STEAM Club, enjoys sports and working out, and even takes additional courses for college credit. And yes, he still has time to just hang out with friends.

    “This program works for me”

    Hitej is clear about what attracted him to Pearson Online Academy: “the sheer amount of flexibility during the school day.” Like many of his peers, he likes that he “can work wherever, whenever, and at [his] own pace.” And while autonomy works for him as a student, Hitej points to the freedom it gives him to pursue his many interests beyond his coursework.“

    I enjoy working with the STEAM Club,” he says, “because I get to teach the subject I enjoy – science – to other people.”

    Hitej likes to ice skate and play table tennis. He works out regularly at the gym. Some days he dedicates “mornings to the gym and evenings to other sports,” crediting Pearson Online Academy for giving him the time to do so. “This program works for me because it gives me time to schedule my own hobbies.”

    Looking Toward College, and Beyond

    Academically, Hitej is equally motivated. “Pearson Online Academy offers a dual enrollment pathway where I can take additional courses for college credit.” He enjoys the challenge of the advanced courses and knows that his teachers are there when he needs help. “My teachers are almost always available throughout the day … if I get stuck on anything.”

    His teachers provide help even beyond the coursework, giving Hitej “helpful insights on standardized testing.” Some of his teachers “are even willing to give useful career advice.”

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  • Akela

    Akela, an online student at Pearson Online Academy who loves mountain biking in his spare time

    Akela is a middle school student at Pearson Online Academy. He enjoys mountain biking near his home in Mexico and can balance his schoolwork and interests, thanks to his flexible schedule.

    About Me

    I’m passionate about mountain biking. Every morning, I get up at 5:00 a.m. and get ready to go to the mountains near my home. I get back around 8:00 a.m. and start working. My school schedule fits in perfectly with my routine.

    Why I Chose Pearson Online Academy

    Pearson Online Academy interested me because of how flexible the work is. I can wake up early in the morning and do one-third of my work and then go outside and bike for a couple of hours. If I want a Friday off, I can set up my schedule where I work harder during the week and then have a three-day weekend.

    My Online Middle School Experience

    I like the lessons at Pearson Online Academy because they include helpful videos and important information that’s provided in a clear way.

    My favorite subjects are math, science, and digital arts. I like learning different ways to solve quadratic expressions, and I also like to learn about ocean currents in science. My digital art class is fun because I get to experiment with many types of art, such as animation, painting, video editing, and more.

    I like all my teachers! They set up amazing LiveLesson® sessions every week and explain the current unit in a broad form. I also really like going to Social Hour, a LiveLesson teachers organize for students to chat about hobbies or school. I enjoy talking to people across the world and learning more about them.

    I like the lessons at Pearson Online Academy because they include helpful videos and important information that’s provided in a clear way.
    — Akela

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  • Iliana


    Iliana is a 2015 graduate of Pearson Online Academy, an accredited, online private school. She lived in Sofia, the capitol of Bulgaria.

    Before enrolling in Pearson Online Academy, Iliana studied at an international German school in Sofia that was structured to follow the German educational system. She and her family made the decision to enroll in Pearson Online Academy because Iliana was bored in school and wanted both more academic rigor and flexibility. “I enrolled in Pearson Online Academy because I was looking for a challenge,” Iliana says. “I was tired of spending hours in a boring classroom in a set schedule. I was usually ahead of everyone else and completed my assignments very fast, so often I was forced to just sit and wait for everyone to finish. Furthermore, I wanted to have subjects on a higher level, such as the APs. I wanted to choose which courses to take, something that was not allowed in my previous school.”

    An Pearson Online Academy student since 2013, Iliana loves school now and is taking a full schedule of demanding courses that were not even offered in her previous school. Her favorites include AP Calculus, AP English Literature, AP Art History, and AP Environmental Science. She enjoys the engaging e-learning technology, especially LiveLesson® webinars with certified teachers. Iliana loves her teachers, noting, “The teachers are amazing: they care about what each student does and are always there to help.”

    Flexibility is also important to Iliana, and she has taken advantage of her ability to choose rigorous courses that challenge her, as well as the freedom Pearson Online Academy gives her to set her own schedule. “I am passionate about many things, including tennis, skiing, drawing and photography, acting, and playing the piano. I love everything I do, and this is why I need a very flexible schedule to satisfy my thirst for extracurricular activities,” notes Iliana.

    An added bonus for Iliana has been the opportunity to meet, collaborate with, and form friendships with classmates from around the world. Iliana observes, “My favorite thing about Pearson Online Academy is the worldwide community of students. In my courses, I have ‘met’ people from Japan, South Africa, Latvia, Germany, and Hawaii! I think that this is an amazing opportunity.”

    During her time at Pearson Online Academy, Iliana served as president of the National Honor Society. After graduation, she moved to the U.S. from Bulgaria to study information science at Cornell University.

    This is the most amazing school! You can do the lessons whenever you want, but you still have due dates and terms so that you don’t fall behind. You can even study ahead and finish a course earlier! The teachers are amazing; they help you with everything you don’t understand.
    — Iliana

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  • Madison

    Headshot of Madison

    Madison is a middle school student at Pearson Online Academy. She’s passionate about drawing, and her favorite subject is social studies. 

    About Me

    Since I was little, I’ve loved to draw. To manage my school schedule around this hobby, I usually take a break once I’ve completed half the lessons for the day. Sometimes, when I’ve been doing schoolwork for about 90 minutes, I’ll also take a break.

    My favorite subject is social studies. Whenever I start reading about the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, or just anything, it feels like it sparks a fire in me. In a way, it’s almost like reading a book — and I love to read books! I also like watching classroom videos and completing the activities. 

    Why I Chose Pearson Online Academy

    I became interested in going here when I learned it’s an online private school. That was something I’d never heard of before. Also, since COVID-19 cases were going up at the time, I figured an online school would help me in that situation.

    I love that I’m able to manage my own schedule. I feel time management is an important skill to master. I previously attended a progressive public school, which was very different. At first, I had a hard time adjusting here because I was unfamiliar with the school’s online learning platform. 

    My Online School Experience 

    I have a good relationship with my teacher. Classroom-Based Assessments are a blast, and I love to raise my hand in class. My old school wasn’t as academically challenging as this one. I’m grateful I have the opportunity to learn and grow at this school. 

    My most memorable experience at Pearson Online Academy has probably been challenging myself with new things — such as sharing my art in arts and crafts club, starting an extracurricular, or applying for a scholarship. Overall, I’ve been having a wonderful time learning and growing at this school. 

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  • McKenna


    McKenna Godwin-Butler is a Graduate of Pearson Online Academy. As a professional martial artist, the flexibility in scheduling that Pearson Online Academy provided allowed McKenna to receive a high-quality education while pursuing her athletic passions. She shared her story below:

    “Kuk Sool Won martial arts has become a long-lasting passion of mine. Over the years, I have become a professional martial artist. I work at a studio five nights a week teaching children and adults how to defend themselves and get out of a confrontational situation. It makes me feel good to be able to help them in emotional instances and grow their self-esteem to the point where they aren’t afraid. The wonderful aspects of Pearson Online Academy allow me to work at my own pace and give me the freedom to manage schoolwork while being a professional martial artist.

    My favorite subjects are English and history/government. I have always had a love for books and literature, which allows you to escape the pressures of life. My mother is a historian, and I have gained a passion for history because of the conversations we have and the many places we have visited. My father is retired military but still works for the army. I’ve grown up listening to conversations about actions in the government and being a part of that world.

    I have a respectful relationship with my teachers at Pearson Online Academy. I go to them when I need help, and they’re always there for me when I need them. It’s like having a friend you can count on, and the way they teach me is in an understanding tone, which helps me learn better.

    My main goal at this time is to attend a college that will help me in my future career choices. Pearson Online Academy has helped prepare me by supplying me with important information and knowledge from extremely helpful teachers and staff.”

    Outside of school and work, McKenna maintained an active social life. She said, “As a military child, you grow up in a community of people who have all experienced the same things in life! Although you may move from time to time and lose touch, there are always military bases you can go to meet people or go to see movies, swimming, horseback riding, and more. Also, in the studio, I teach teenagers who come in to learn martial arts, and I become friends with them. A great way I try and stay in touch with my friends is through Skype and FaceTime.”

    What I enjoy most about Pearson Online Academy is that it gives students the independence to learn on their own using the knowledge they gain from the coursework and teachers.
    — McKenna

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  • Valeria


    Valeria lives in Spain with her family and is a middle school student at Pearson Online Academy. She uses the flexible scheduling of virtual school to share her love for technology with other students on her own YouTube channel and website.

    Why I Chose Pearson Online Academy
    I wanted to attend an online school that gave me flexibility so I could invest more time in my passion, which is the technology world. At my previous school, I didn’t have flexibility to do everything I wanted, and I had to study many subjects that weren’t interesting or useful. I also wanted to enroll in an American school to learn English, so the option of Pearson Online Academy was perfect.

    I’m passionate about robotics, programming, and technology. My favorite subject is math because I’ve practiced it since I was little and have always been good at it. My favorite activities are playing tennis, soccer, and creating videos for my YouTube channel, where I teach other kids how to use technology.

    My Online School Experience
    Thanks to Pearson Online Academy, I have time for activities and can dedicate more than two hours every day to my love of technology!
    My old public school in a small Spanish town was a five-minute walk from home, but it wasn’t online. It was only in Spanish and had too many classes. Now I have time to dedicate myself to STEM projects and subjects that interest me. Plus, I enjoy learning about the United States, thanks to each of my teachers.

    About Me
    I enjoy spending time with my grandpa, who was a math teacher for 40 years and now helps me at home. Before attending Pearson Online Academy, I didn’t spend much time with him, but now we spend an hour together every day!

    Thanks to Pearson Online Academy, I have time for activities and can dedicate more than two hours every day to my love of technology!
    — Valeria

    To find out more about how Valeria is using her interest in technology to help other students, check out her YouTube channel.

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