Headshot of Kennedy
Headshot of Kennedy

Kennedy is a high school student at Pearson Online Academy. Outside of school, she travels as much as possible, and is passionate about going to her youth group and hanging out with friends. Kennedy is clear about the best part of Pearson: “I’m able to work at my own pace.”

Why Kennedy’s Family Chose Pearson Online Academy

At Kennedy’s previous school, learning was too rigid. Tests were given before material could be mastered, with no accommodation for personal preferences. It just wasn’t working for her/him.

At Pearson Online Academy, “I’m able to work at my own pace,” Kennedy explains. She never feels “rushed.”

Pearson’s more flexible approach has increased Kennedy’s motivation and productivity. “I love writing stories,” she says, “and in my English class we get to write them all the time. My teacher, Mr. Kiurski, makes [everything] understandable… [Every day I] learn things I never knew before.”

Stronger Relationships with Teachers and Other Students

“My relationship with my teachers is like a friendship,” Kennedy said. “When I’m having trouble with a lesson or with something else, I am able to go to them without being scared.”

Kennedy is developing a similar kind of relationship with the younger students she helps mentor. In fact, she says Book Buddies might be her most memorable experience at Pearson. She loves reading to the younger kids, as she refers to as “these future leaders.” Kennedy says it’s been great “getting to know everyone a little bit better.”

What I like most about Pearson Online Academy is that I’m able to work at my own pace.

— Kennedy