Ms. DuPertuis

Ms. DuPertuis

Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies, University of Georgia; Master’s degree in Secondary Math Education, Georgia College and State University

Ms. DuPertuis started teaching in 2016 and joined Pearson Online Academy in 2020. She teaches math to students in grades 6–8. According to Ms. DuPertuis, the most rewarding part of her job is helping struggling students find success.

Why I Became a Teacher

Years ago, as I was looking for a new career, a former math teacher of mine asked if I had ever considered teaching. There was a math position open at a neighboring high school and she remembered my love for math. The opportunity seemed to be falling right into my lap in a “meant to be” sort of way. It all worked out so perfectly and I have not looked back since!

How I present myself to students largely depends on them. Some like a jokester teacher, others respond better to a kind heart. Some even like a little tough love. I like to meet my students and families where they are and give them the best version of myself to help them be successful.

I love to do games with my students after instruction. They tend to have a competitive side and I like the interaction it fosters. They really get into it.

The Online School Experience at Pearson Online Academy

I like teaching online because we have so many students with interesting lives here. I’ve taught many successful young athletes, writers, and future tech stars. I think many students choose Pearson because their traditional brick-and-mortar school doesn’t fit their busy schedules. I love hearing about the amazing things our students are doing outside of Pearson.

I try to make my face-to-face LiveLesson® sessions feel like a true classroom with student interaction. I like to have students come on the mic to explain things and talk to one another about their ideas. I also have students write on the screen like it’s a whiteboard. I think the more students see and hear each other, the more they feel connected to our school and class. They know there are other students working hard just like them!

I think our school helps prepare students for success better than any other. Our program and approach foster self-motivation, responsibility, and time-management skills like no other.

Our students leave here not only with the knowledge from their class materials, but the ability and confidence to take charge and achieve success for themselves.

— Ms. DuPertuis

My Personal Interests

My husband and I live with our 1-year-old daughter and three dogs in Decatur, Georgia. We love to do anything and everything outdoors with our little family. We also love to dance in our house! You can hear music going almost all day. Even our little one has some dancin’ feet!