Ms. Schnorr

Ms. Schnorr

Ms. Schnorr is an elementary, middle, and high school Spanish teacher at Pearson Online Academy. She started her teaching career in 2010 and joined Pearson Online Academy in 2016. Ms. Schnorr holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Duquesne University. She shares her story below.

"I initially knew I wanted to become a teacher when I was helping my sister set up her first classroom at the same time that I was beginning college. She would come home with all these cute stories of her students and I just knew that I wanted to follow in her footsteps.

With this being my first year teaching at Pearson Online Academy, I love the support that I have received from my wonderful co-workers and manager. Everyone is so kind and friendly. I love the positive atmosphere that I have felt working here thus far!

The benefit of teaching online is the fact that I can focus on working with my students on enrichment activities to help them succeed instead of lecturing in a classroom for 40 minutes. With online school, students are actively engaged. Pearson Online Academy prepares students for a bright future by personalizing the work for each student. Teachers here really get to know each student that they are teaching and work to help that one individual succeed in the best way possible."

When Ms. Schnorr isn’t teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family, practicing yoga, and walking her dog in the park.

The positive environment and success that students have here at Pearson Online Academy make it so special! Families love the flexibility and individualization of online education.
— Ms. Schnorr