Dr. Tyrus McDowell

Manager of Counseling Services

Dr. McDowell

Why He Became an Educator

Dr. McDowell always wanted to be an educator. He understands that teaching changes lives, and that educators have the opportunity to shape and inspire students to change the world.

Says Dr. McDowell, “I chose the field of education so I would be able to impact the lives of future generations. … Working at this school is rewarding. I especially love helping families when they have questions about the Pearson Online Academy experience.”

The Online School Experience at Pearson Online Academy

Dr. McDowell has experience in virtual and traditional education as a teacher and administrator in public and private schools. Everything he does as the manager of counseling services at Pearson Online Academy is influenced by his educational philosophy, which centers around the idea that students must always come first. 

According to Dr. McDowell, learning should be an experience designed to take students on a journey that transcends the traditional classroom experience.

Pearson Online Academy is preparing students to make a difference in their communities and the world through a quality education.

— Dr. McDowell