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Are you looking for the best private school in your area? An online private school that students attend from home is an excellent alternative to sending your child to an expensive, local brick-and-mortar school.

The Online School Experience
A closer look at online private schooling with Pearson Online Academy.

Is Online Private School Right For You?

For many students and families, virtual school provides the ideal way to learn. Because Pearson Online Academy has worked with students and families since 2002, we have learned a lot about which factors improve the likelihood of success.

Pearson Online Academy Works Well For Families Who:
  • Desire a strong role in their child’s education
  • Prefer to have regular contact with their student’s teachers
  • Want to help monitor student comprehension and progress
  • Can dedicate time to keeping their student motivated
  • Will provide ongoing guidance and encouragement
  • Can help organize and structure the learning day
  • Will encourage students to interact with others through school and community activities
Pearson Online Academy Works Well For Families Who:
  • Require classes and study times to accommodate their travel, family schedules, or other needs
  • Need ultimate flexibility to pursue other interests and talents
  • Want challenging Honors and Advanced Placement®* courses or exciting electives
  • Live in states that don’t offer a Connections Academy public school
  • Want to take an online course during the summer

Students who enroll early will have a proven advantage, as they have more time to prepare for success. Families who need to enroll after the semester has started will benefit from consulting with teachers and counselors within the first few days.

Private school is an investment in your child’s future, and we at Pearson Online Academy don’t take this financial commitment lightly. That’s why our tuition rates are competitive with those of both brick-and-mortar and online private schools. Furthermore, we offer affordable payment options that fit your needs.

Your child’s tuition includes enrollment in our private school, use of all required course materials, access to our proprietary education management system, highly qualified teachers and support staff, and a rigorous, challenging curriculum.

For complete details about tuition and fees, discounts, and our refund policy, visit or call 1-877-804-6222 to speak with one of our family enrollment counselors.


* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

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