Individual Courses: A Part-Time School Solution

For students who wish to enrich their current academic programs, Pearson Online Academy offers a part-time school program with hundreds of high-quality K–12 teacher-led, student-focused courses available for individual purchase.

Pearson Online Academy’s part-time individual online courses are ideal for many students. Some families are looking for advanced STEM or world language courses that are unavailable locally. Homeschool families can supplement their instruction with our individual high school courses, and advanced learners can accelerate learning with honors and Advanced Placement®* courses. Other students may need additional credits to get back on track for graduation. Student athletes, too, can benefit by enrolling in Pearson Online Academy’s NCAA-approved part time courses.

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World-Class Courses

Our engaging, student-focused individual courses are developed by subject-matter experts and recognized leaders in online education. Students receive support from a certified teacher trained in online instruction, who delivers real-time LiveLesson®sessions that are recorded** for later review. Students also study independently using our award-winning curriculum, including best-of-class course materials, online texts, and interactive technology. To verify learning, teachers conduct curriculum-based assessments by phone for all core courses. This assessment must be completed prior to the end date of each course and is required for a student to receive course credit. Students who do not complete the curriculum-based assessment call will not earn course credit.

Easy Enrollment and Flexible Start Dates

To maximize student success and convenience, Pearson Online Academy’s individual part time online courses are open for enrollment on a rolling basis.*** Enroll anytime during the school year with these simple steps:

  • Select a course from our online list of courses.
  • Submit the transfer request form to your local school or district for approval.
  • Enroll through our school store or by calling a family enrollment counselor at 1-877-804-6222.
  • Begin class!

Interested in trying an individual course before enrolling full-time with Pearson Online Academy? Completing an individual, part-time course is a great to discover whether Pearson Online Academy is the right fit for your student. Plus, we’ll waive the $200 application fee if you decide to enroll your student full-time for the following semester. To learn more about our application fees for the upcoming school year–or to receive answers for any of your other questions–please contact a family enrollment counselor at 1-877-804-6222.

Visit our school store to see individual part time courses for elementary, middle, and high school students or contact an admissions advisor for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions for Part Time

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

** LiveLesson sessions will be available as a recording rather than a synchronous lesson for B courses taken in the fall semester and A courses taken in the spring semester.

*** AP and NCAA courses have certain time constraints.

Note: Participation in our online environment requires appropriate computer equipment and Internet access. Before continuing with the enrollment process, please review the technology requirements.