Headshot of Vanessa
Headshot of Vanessa

When Juliet was a sophomore, her family relocated from North Carolina to Saudi Arabia. Although she enjoys living in a different country and experiencing a (very) different culture, this highly motivated student was not satisfied with her educational options. “It seemed like no school around my city fit my needs for rigorous coursework,” she said. Then her family discovered Pearson Online Academy. 

More Flexible and More Rigorous

Juliet had been in a traditional brick-and-mortar school her entire life. “I was excited to find the flexibility in the coursework” she reports. It “allowed me to complete my courses at my own pace.” For Juliet, that pace is accelerated. She’s already gone through most of the high school curriculum, and now is on to college-level courses, including AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Economics, and more.   

One of her favorite things about Pearson “is the opportunity to take dual enrollment courses with Pearson Pathways to earn college credit,” Juliet continued. She also likes that she has almost limitless opportunities to challenge herself intellectually.   

Juliet’s teachers have been extremely supportive of her rigorous curriculum. “My teachers take extra care to make sure I’m on the right track to fulfilling my personal goals,” she says. They are also readily available when she needs help. “It is very easy… to schedule personal 1:1 calls anytime!”  

Working Out, Baking, Investing 

The flexibility of Pearson Online Academy enables Juliet to take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities “from going to my local sports center to baking a three-layer cake… or any other activity I desire.”   

She is part of the Leadership Club at school. Since Juliet is already looking ahead toward a career in finance, she was thrilled “to compete in the Stock Market Game against other teams and schools.” And yes, it worked out well. “I served as the director for my team, and we actually ended up winning first place.”   

In the fall, Juliet will be returning to the U.S. to attend the University of Pennsylvania. 

What I like most about Pearson is the ability to personalize [my] education in a way that best fits [my] personal needs and [my] goals in life.

— Juliet