Headshot of Chloe
Headshot of Chloe

Chloe is a competitive fencer, a dedicated athlete, and a high school student at Pearson Online Academy. Fencing is extremely demanding, in terms of both training and travel. Pearson’s flexibility has allowed Chloe to fully commit to her sport—without sacrificing her education. Online learning lets her “dedicate more time to my passion… as well as my schoolwork,” Chloe says.

Why Chloe’s Family Chose Pearson Online Academy

Highly competitive athletes like Chloe often struggle to balance the schedules of their sport and their brick-and-mortar school. “I train for almost 20 hours every week at my [fencing] club… as well as over an hour a day at home,” she explains. “I’m only able to [make it work] because of the flexibility Pearson Online Academy provides.”

And it’s not just about flexibility. It’s about access, at any time from any place. “No matter where I am, I am able to… check my webmail, look at my lesson schedule, complete lessons, or join LiveLesson® sessions,” Chloe reports.

The Online Experience at Pearson

Chloe’s teachers fully embrace her commitment to fencing. They understand that she has important goals both in and out of school. “They are always very helpful… when I have questions. I can easily set up appointments or call them when I need help,” Chloe says. “I also love that my teachers want to help me [get] good grades in their classes.”

Chloe is a high achiever in school. Her fifth-grade science project, a water filter, was selected as the best in a class poll. She got to present her filter to the school in a LiveLesson® session. And how did it go? The experience was Chloe’s “most memorable moment at Pearson so far.”

I am now able to dedicate more time to my fencing, and at the same time balance it with my schoolwork.

— Chloe