Online Summer School for Middle School Students

Pearson Online Academy Middle School Summer Program keeps students engaged as they gain valuable academic skills.

Fun, Flexible, and Far-Reaching

Available online and at your family’s convenience, Pearson Online Academy’s Summer Programs make summer learning fun and flexible. LiveLesson® technology brings a certified teacher to your child whether you’re at the beach or at home, and the Pearson Online Classroom (formerly known as Connexus®) education management system makes camp resources accessible 24/7. However, students should expect at least five hours per week (one hour each weekday) throughout their session in order to complete activities or coursework on schedule.

Middle School Core Courses

Students may enroll in middle school Language Arts and Math courses to brush up on core skills in preparation for the next grade level or to review content from the previous school year.
  • Language Arts 6 A
  • Language Arts 6 B
  • Language Arts 7 A
  • Language Arts 7 B
  • Language Arts 8 A
  • Language Arts 8 B
  • Math 6 A & B
  • Math 7 A & B
  • Math 8 A & B

Summer Smarts Math and Reading

Pearson Online Academy is also pleased to offer Summer Smarts courses including Math, Algebra Prep, and Reading programs for middle school students. These programs allow your student the chance to review foundational skills in order to prepare for the next grade level, accelerate, or catch up with his or her peers.

  • Reading (Grades 6–8)
  • Math (Grades 6–8)


Your middle school student can be introduced to Spanish or Sign Language through our online world language courses. These innovative courses feature flexibly-paced online instruction and our Spanish courses include live practice led by language-fluent speakers. Additionally, have your student start thinking about career readiness through our Middle School Career Exploration course.

  • Middle Spanish I (6-8)
  • Middle Spanish II (6-8)
  • Middle School Sign Language
  • Middle School Career Exploration

Interested in a summer school course?

Pearson Online Academy’s online summer school courses have great flexibility to fit busy summer schedules. Visit our school store to see available courses for elementary, middle, and high school students or contact a family enrollment counselor at 1-877-804-6222 for more information.