An Exceptional Online Learning Experience - Life at Pearson Online Academy

At Pearson Online Academy, we take pride in our exceptional school experience and supportive community. Parents are closely involved in their student’s education, and students have the freedom to take classes from anywhere in the world. We offer proven online learning technology, flexible lessons, and self-paced learning to allow our students to pursue diverse virtual clubs, socialization opportunities, and extracurricular activities.

Middle school online private school student attends LiveLesson session - Pearson Online Academy

High-Quality Virtual Classroom Technology

We believe educational technology works best when it makes learning engaging and meaningful. That’s why we develop many of our own innovative and interactive virtual tools and resources.

Pearson Online Classroom (formally known as Connexus®) is where virtual learning takes place. Students can access a rigorous curriculum, complete assignments, interact with teachers, and collaborate with peers from across the world. It includes everything families will need to structure their child’s education, help them advance academically, and keep them engaged in a safe learning space.

Your Role as a Learning Coach in the Online Learning Experience

Parents at Pearson Online Academy don’t merely expect daily involvement in their children’s education; they embrace it. From collaborating with teachers on student goals to helping their children stay focused, our parents are full partners in the learning process.

Our Learning Coaches and families connect and share with teachers, school counselors, and other parents online.

* While part-time students are not eligible to participate in Pearson Online Academy clubs, they enjoy all other benefits that go into making a vibrant learning community.