Headshot of Ben
Headshot of Ben

Ben travels all over the world with his family and still is able to attend school as a full-time student at Pearson Online Academy. When Ben’s travel schedule is particularly demanding, Pearson makes it possible for him to get his work done in advance of his trips. “So even when I miss days, I don’t fall behind,” he says.

Why Ben’s Family Chose Pearson Online Academy

Ben’s favorite subject is science. He likes learning about nature and especially enjoys studying chemistry —even outside of school. “I’m passionate about… chemistry and science,” he says. And Ben’s extracurricular activities don’t stop there. “I’m also passionate about arts and crafts. In terms of sports, I practice judo and jiu jitsu, and enjoy playing in the pool.”

The Online Experience at Pearson

At Pearson Online Academy, the focus is making sure that students are keeping up with the material— with the flexibility to accommodate individual schedules and circumstances. Ben is well aware of that flexibility: “I can work at any time of day, including weekends if necessary. In the weeks before a trip, I pack on more work than usual.”

Ben also understands that his teachers play a critical role: “They track my progress” no matter where Ben and his family happen to be.

I have the ability to do my schoolwork from anywhere in the world at any time.

— Ben