Iliana is a 2015 graduate of Pearson Online Academy, an accredited, online private school. She lived in Sofia, the capitol of Bulgaria.

Before enrolling in Pearson Online Academy, Iliana studied at an international German school in Sofia that was structured to follow the German educational system. She and her family made the decision to enroll in Pearson Online Academy because Iliana was bored in school and wanted both more academic rigor and flexibility. “I enrolled in Pearson Online Academy because I was looking for a challenge,” Iliana says. “I was tired of spending hours in a boring classroom in a set schedule. I was usually ahead of everyone else and completed my assignments very fast, so often I was forced to just sit and wait for everyone to finish. Furthermore, I wanted to have subjects on a higher level, such as the APs. I wanted to choose which courses to take, something that was not allowed in my previous school.”

An Pearson Online Academy student since 2013, Iliana loves school now and is taking a full schedule of demanding courses that were not even offered in her previous school. Her favorites include AP Calculus, AP English Literature, AP Art History, and AP Environmental Science. She enjoys the engaging e-learning technology, especially LiveLesson® webinars with certified teachers. Iliana loves her teachers, noting, “The teachers are amazing: they care about what each student does and are always there to help.”

Flexibility is also important to Iliana, and she has taken advantage of her ability to choose rigorous courses that challenge her, as well as the freedom Pearson Online Academy gives her to set her own schedule. “I am passionate about many things, including tennis, skiing, drawing and photography, acting, and playing the piano. I love everything I do, and this is why I need a very flexible schedule to satisfy my thirst for extracurricular activities,” notes Iliana.

An added bonus for Iliana has been the opportunity to meet, collaborate with, and form friendships with classmates from around the world. Iliana observes, “My favorite thing about Pearson Online Academy is the worldwide community of students. In my courses, I have ‘met’ people from Japan, South Africa, Latvia, Germany, and Hawaii! I think that this is an amazing opportunity.”

During her time at Pearson Online Academy, Iliana served as president of the National Honor Society. After graduation, she moved to the U.S. from Bulgaria to study information science at Cornell University.

This is the most amazing school! You can do the lessons whenever you want, but you still have due dates and terms so that you don’t fall behind. You can even study ahead and finish a course earlier! The teachers are amazing; they help you with everything you don’t understand.
— Iliana