Headshot of Callahan
Headshot of Callahan

Callahan used to attend a traditional brick and mortar school. The curriculum was highly structured, deadlines were deadlines, and she “was unable to work at [her] own pace.” Then came the pandemic. Callahan’s family discovered Pearson Online Academy, which not only is a better academic fit for their daughter, but also allows her to connect with students from around the world.

Taking Ownership

“Being able to work at my own pace works extremely well for me,” reports Callahan. The strict deadlines at her previous school offered her little opportunity to manage her own workload or decide for herself which topics needed extra attention or when she needed more teacher support.

At Pearson Online Academy, support is easy to ask for and always available. “I like being able to contact teachers for additional support,” she says. “They are all very nice, supportive, and always there to help with any questions I may have.”

Making Global Connections

As an online school, Pearson offers another dramatic difference from brick-and-mortar schools: the opportunity to connect with all kinds of students from all kinds of places. Callahan has joined the school’s Future Leaders Club, which is more than just a way to develop her leadership skills.

She explains: “I love being part of Future Leaders Club because it allows me to connect with other students from all over the world and in different grades.”

In fact, since enrolling in 2020, Callahan’s most memorable experience at the school was through this extracurricular activity. “My favorite experience at Pearson Online Academy was being able to lead a club meeting with one of my fellow club members,” Callahan says. “It was a really fun experience!”

I love Pearson Online Academy because I really like connecting with students from different parts of the world.

— Callahan