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With Pearson Online Academy, expat families and others living abroad can provide their children with a high-quality American education—wherever they reside. Pearson Online Academy is a fully accredited, affordable, online private school for grades K–12.

Using the Internet, students around the world connect to our virtual classrooms, certified teachers, and award-winning US curriculum. Each student benefits from an individualized learning program designed to help achieve his or her highest potential.

Pearson Online Academy’s proven international school curriculum offers a wide selection of core courses, plus world languages, gifted and talented, honors, Advanced Placement®* and elective courses. Our college-preparatory program equips students for success in higher education, career and in life.

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When You Need a New School NOW–Anywhere in the World

How Virtual Education Could Be a Last-Minute Lifesaver for Your Child
You know the right way to find the best school for your children when moving abroad is to do your research and plan ahead. But what happens when circumstances prevent you from preparing the way you’d like?

Teacher Brings Unique Perspectives to Global Classroom

At our international school, our teachers have global experiences that enable them to relate to students across the globe. Master Teacher Jason Agins has visited many countries throughout his teaching career. Watch as he describes the unique perspective that he brings to his teaching on a daily basis.

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Navigating K–12 Expat Education: 7 Tips from a Teacher

As exciting as it can be to throw ourselves into new cultures, there are some aspects of our lives we cannot leave to chance. One of these is the education of our children. While most countries in the world have a variety of school options, it can be challenging to evaluate their quality and ability to target the specific needs of your child, as well as to predict your child’s ability to thrive in the new environment.

How to Choose a School Overseas

Choosing a suitable school for your child is possibly one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make when relocating overseas. It can be especially difficult if your new country is a long distance from your current home, as it will be harder to visit and evaluate the educational options available to you. This article includes some very basic ideas that you may find useful when choosing an overseas school for your child.


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“My favorite thing about Pearson Online Academy is the worldwide community of students. In my courses, I have ‘met’ people from Japan, South Africa, Latvia, Germany, and Hawaii! I think that this is an amazing opportunity.”
—Iliana Paleva

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