Headshot of Samantha
Headshot of Samantha

Samantha has attended Pearson Online Academy since kindergarten. Her two older sisters had been enrolled in a pilot program, Samantha explains. “My parents enjoyed the program’s freedom and flexibility for both of them. So, they enrolled me in kindergarten, and I’ve been a part of the program ever since.”

But What If … ?

Unlike many students at Pearson Online Academy, Samantha has never experienced a traditional brick-and-mortar education firsthand. Even still, she understands what the Pearson curriculum has meant for her – and also what it has not.“

In a different scenario, I would be hindered in school,” she believes. “I have times with high motivation and periods with low drive. However, because Pearson allows me to design my own schedule … I do not find myself hating completing schoolwork or struggling to get through classwork.”

Because of Samantha’s thoughtful perspective – and her many years at the school – she was asked to represent Pearson at events for prospective families. She remembers those events and families “fondly,” and adds that “it was a lot of fun to chat about … how the program [could] help them as well.”

An Honors Student, A Military Cadet

Samantha is proud to be involved with the school’s National Honor Society (NHS), an organization established to recognize gifted and talented high school students. Samantha raves about “the wonderful group of students” as well as the “fantastic teacher.”

NHS challenges students to further develop their academic strengths through school activities and community service. Samantha embraces all of it. “I really like the different activities and classes that we create and do for the school,” she says.

Recently, she’s taken that commitment to leadership and service one step further. “I am now participating in a military cadet program,” Samantha reports. She notes that her added responsibilities can be “time-consuming,” and once again appreciates the flexibility of the Pearson Online Academy curriculum to “lighten her workload” and “avoid stress.”

Samantha, you make us all proud.

What I like most about Pearson Online Academy is it allows me to create a healthy balance.

— Samantha