Ms. Sheinberg

Ms. Sheinberg

Ms. Sheinberg is an English high school teacher at Pearson Online Academy. She started her teaching career more than 29 years ago and joined Pearson Online Academy in 2011. Ms. Sheinberg received her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. In addition, she earned her secondary teaching credential from the University of Houston and a master of arts degree in English from Middlebury College Bread Loaf School of English in Middleburg, Vermont. Ms. Sheinburg shares her story below.

“One of the most fantastic summers I ever spent in high school was the summer before my 10th grade year. I was given the opportunity to volunteer with the Head Start program in Houston. When I arrived, I was asked to teach the high school students science and theatre. I was only fifteen and I had to teach students who were either older or the same age as me. That summer was amazing! I loved teaching from that moment, as I found working with students so rewarding and really just so much fun!

The benefit of teaching at Pearson Online Academy is that the students reside in the United States and throughout the world. Each student brings a unique perspective, and with that perspective, history of their culture. Our students gain valuable collaborative experiences during LiveLesson® sessions, discussions threads on message boards, in their lessons, and through the extra-curricular activities offered. It is truly a global experience!

One thing I would tell a prospective parent as he or she is making the decision to enroll a child in Pearson Online Academy is that our school is goal oriented and provides a nurturing environment. It will challenge and engage your student academically and provide social opportunities to prepare your student to meet the challenges of the next step in his or her academic journey. The teachers strive to provide amazing synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for learning. Each teacher and administrator is dedicated to the success of your child and providing an exceptional learning experience. The curriculum provides the necessary tools to ensure that the the student is prepared for college, professional opportunities, or the work world when he or she graduates.”

In Ms. Sheinberg’s spare time, she enjoys going to the movies, watching basketball and classic films such as Citizen Kane, and reading non-fiction. She also loves to go out to dinner with family and friends as often as possible.

I love the flexibility the students and teachers have to provide individual attention to each student—I am not tied to only one hour a day to connect with the student! And, I love the fact that I teach students from all over the world! How amazing is that!
— Ms. Sheinberg