Headshot of Hitej
Headshot of Hitej

For highly motivated students such as Hitej Radia, the flexibility and independence of the Pearson Online Academy curriculum offer enormous advantages. “I have so much more time throughout the day,” he says. Hitej uses that extra time well. He is part of the STEAM Club, enjoys sports and working out, and even takes additional courses for college credit. And yes, he still has time to just hang out with friends.

“This program works for me”

Hitej is clear about what attracted him to Pearson Online Academy: “the sheer amount of flexibility during the school day.” Like many of his peers, he likes that he “can work wherever, whenever, and at [his] own pace.” And while autonomy works for him as a student, Hitej points to the freedom it gives him to pursue his many interests beyond his coursework.“

I enjoy working with the STEAM Club,” he says, “because I get to teach the subject I enjoy – science – to other people.”

Hitej likes to ice skate and play table tennis. He works out regularly at the gym. Some days he dedicates “mornings to the gym and evenings to other sports,” crediting Pearson Online Academy for giving him the time to do so. “This program works for me because it gives me time to schedule my own hobbies.”

Looking Toward College, and Beyond

Academically, Hitej is equally motivated. “Pearson Online Academy offers a dual enrollment pathway where I can take additional courses for college credit.” He enjoys the challenge of the advanced courses and knows that his teachers are there when he needs help. “My teachers are almost always available throughout the day … if I get stuck on anything.”

His teachers provide help even beyond the coursework, giving Hitej “helpful insights on standardized testing.” Some of his teachers “are even willing to give useful career advice.”

Pearson Online Academy … gives me the time to enjoy my hobbies and interests outside of school, as well as have the freedom to learn how I want, when I want.

— Hitej