An Innovative Learning Experience For Your Students—Online

Are you part of an organization seeking a high-quality suite of academic services to give students with special talents the flexibility they need to keep up with school and get the most out of your specialized program?

Pearson Online Academy, a college preparatory online private school for grades K–12, offers an accredited education program with extensive online course options, including NCAA-approved courses. This unique and robust turnkey program is available nationally and internationally to athletic facilities, performing arts academies, and institutional programs. Our partnership programs illustrate our commitment to your students and a forward-thinking approach to their education.

International School Offerings

With unique benefits such as a college-prep curriculum, support from experienced, dedicated teachers, and a flexible and personalized school schedule with both part-time and full-time options, our school will work with you to create the academic solutions your student’s desire.

Are You...

  • A sports facility looking for flexible education options for your athletes?
  • A performing arts academy interested in offering a personalized curriculum to your performers?
  • An organization that has students who are falling behind in their academics due to a busy training schedule?
  • An international school looking to add Advanced Placement®* courses to your curriculum?
  • A homeschool cooperative seeking to increase the breadth of offerings to your families?
  • An institution planning to expand the range of grades you can offer for your students?
  • An organization interested in extending your student’s training to a higher level of participation or increased competition level?

For any of these situations, Pearson Online Academy’s partnership opportunities can be an effective and beneficial solution for you—and your students!

How Our Partnership Works Together For Your Student

Pearson Online Academy provides students with the flexibility necessary to succeed in their busy lives. In our international school program, your students will work with certified teachers to reach their highest potential. Our fully accredited, uniquely individualized learning program is customized to each student’s unique talents, and challenges. This personalized approach empowers students to learn in a way that is suited to their abilities.

Best of all, our flexible scheduling makes it possible for students to have the time and focus they need to excel in their area of passion--while continuing to keep up with their education.

Quality Curriculum is Key to Success

The college-preparatory, international school curriculum used in our online learning program has been specifically designed for use in online instruction and time-tested. It has also won numerous awards. Our curriculum lays the groundwork for future academic success by:

  • Building a solid foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Providing multiple, meaningful ways to practice and master new skills
  • Encouraging exploration, critical thinking, and problem solving
  • Developing lifelong learning and analytical skills

High Tech and High Touch

Using the Internet, students connect to our school using Pearson Online Classroom (formerly known as Connexus®), our proprietary education management system built specifically for online learning. Under the direction of caring, qualified teachers, students can access and complete coursework online, working independently.

Through this system, students also meet regularly with teachers and classmates in the virtual classroom for real-time instruction. Added benefits of our technology include a fully controlled instant messaging system plus audio/video chat, full feature whiteboard system, and group chat capabilities, which bring the virtual classroom to life. Teachers are also available to answer questions and provide one-on-one support when needed.

Students, teachers, and family members communicate through our own secure WebMail system, on dedicated message boards, or by telephone. Our online grade book allows students and parents/ guardians to track their progress at any time of day or night. Families can also monitor all students within the household easily from the system home page.

Train and Learn On-Site

For partners who provide on-site programs, Pearson Online Academy offers the full solution for your student’s academic and professional success. Participants in Pearson Online Academy have the flexibility to easily adapt their schoolwork to their demanding schedules. Using our online curriculum, your students can learn together in a classroom-like setting while at the same facility and also engage in their specific program.

Involved Parents/Guardians Ensure Success

Involved parents or guardians play a vital role in their student’s success. Parents or guardians work alongside the international school program to help deliver an individualized approach to instruction and learning for their student. In addition, the parent or guardian monitors the student’s daily activities, encourages progress, and communicates regularly with the class teacher to ensure the student stays on track.

Partnership Levels

Pearson Online Academy offers two levels of partnership.

Our affiliate program is a turnkey solution that can be added to your existing program, enabling you to expand your offerings to students and their families. At a discounted rate to the organization, affiliates contract Pearson Online Academy directly to provide full- or part-time educational services. In addition, both full- and part-time affiliates benefit from having an Pearson Online Academy program manager and a site coordinator to administer the program.

Our promotional partnership is for organizations that realize the benefit of a flexible, online school for their students, but prefer to allow parents to make the school choice directly and supervise their student’s learning program. Promotional partners recommend Pearson Online Academy to participating families and receive a commission for each student enrolled.

Getting started is easy! To learn more, schedule a consultation by emailing the Admissions Department at or calling +1-888-440-2899.

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.