Online Communication Tools for Students

Pearson Online Academy is committed to providing a safe and productive environment for students, teachers, and Learning Coaches, so we provide a “closed” communication system just for members of the Pearson Online Academy community.


The custom-built WebMail system looks and feels like email but only permits communication among people in the school. Have a question for your child’s teacher? Send a quick message.

For example, does your child want help solving a math problem? Using WebMail, he or she can ask a teacher for assistance or request a phone call.

Message Boards

Message Boards are online communication tools for students used to share information. Using Message Boards, teachers post announcements, schedules, and other course-relevant information. Sign-up instructions and information about school activities and electives are also easily available. Message Boards are a perfect forum for discussing educational issues with other families or staff members. They are a great place to make connections with other parents, exchange learning tips, or set up a study group.

Pearson Online Academy also provides a variety of other online classroom tools that foster communication between teachers, students, and parents:

  • Announcements: Receive messages from teachers, the school principal, and curriculum specialists.
  • Student Directory: Find Pearson Online Academy students and parents living in your area and send them a WebMail.