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Online Private School Opens Enrollment Worldwide for 2018-19 School Year

U.S.-based Pearson Online Academy now accepting students in grades K-12 across the globe; virtual information sessions underway


Baltimore, MD (December 5, 2017)—Pearson Online Academy, the college preparatory virtual private school for students worldwide in grades K-12, is now enrolling new students for the 2018-19 school year. Families are eligible for early decision and early enrollment discounts: 10 percent off by March 31, 2018 and 5 percent off by July 31, 2018.

“We encourage interested families to begin the enrollment process as soon as possible to join a diverse network of students who benefit from the school’s high-quality U.S. curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, certified teachers, and collaborate and socialize with other students from all over the U.S. and the world,” said Hannah Rinehart, Pearson Online Academy’s Director of School.

VIDEO: How to Enroll: Pearson Online Academy's Enrollment Process

Pearson Online Academy students learn from home, or anywhere there is an Internet connection, and work with teachers who are licensed and specially trained in online instruction. Students in grades K–12 can enroll full-time or in part-time courses—depending on their academic and scheduling needs. Families considering making a switch have found that online private school can be a great option for students who would benefit from a more personalized learning environment. Since students learn from home, parents can be more directly involved with their child’s education.

“I’m involved in a lot of activities in my community, and my family and I travel a lot, so it was stressful being in a traditional, less flexible private school. Now, I can take my work with me when I travel,” said Siani Butler, a senior who switched from traditional to online private school at Pearson Online Academy.

The student’s mother added: “I like how [at Pearson Online Academy] Siani is able to go at her own pace and set her own schedule. She can get up and start her day with a walk, internship, or appointment; she’s able to follow the personal schedule she wants while going to school and getting quality education.”

According to Pearson Online Academy’s 2017 Parent Satisfaction Survey, a third-party survey of parents whose students are enrolled at the online private school:

  • 97% of parents agree that the curriculum is high quality
  • 96% of parents are satisfied with the helpfulness of teachers
  • 96% of parents agree that their children are satisfied with the program
  • 95% of parents would recommend the school to other families
  • 93% of parents agree that the technology tools improve their child’s learning experience

The Pearson Online Academy Class of 2017 included 136 graduates from 15 countries including the U.S.—earning more than $3 million in scholarships. Experienced school counselors guide students who live around the world through the college application process, leading to acceptances at exceptional U.S.-based colleges and universities such as Brown University and Yale University, among many others.

“Now I’m able to develop my own schedule that includes things like internships, jobs, community service, and extra time to study, so I think it’s helping me to prepare for how things will be in college,” Butler said.

Students seeking enrollment for this 2017-18 school year may still enroll. Full-time and part-time enrollment for the first semester is open until December 15, 2017 and enrollment is open for the second semester through April 30, 2018. For more information about enrolling for the 2017-18 or 2018-19 school years, families are encouraged to attend an online information session, call 888-296-0013, email, or visit

About Pearson Online Academy
Pearson Online Academy is an accredited, online private school serving students in grades K–12 throughout the United States and abroad. Recognizing individualized instruction as the key to student academic and personal success, Pearson Online Academy’s highly trained, certified teachers offer instruction tailored to each student’s strengths and challenges using an award-winning computer-based curriculum, real-time instruction, and time-tested course materials from leading publishers. In 2016, Pearson Online Academy served students in 49 countries including the U.S. Pearson Online Academy is part of the global learning company Pearson. For more information, visit