Clay Quick

Clay Quick

Clay Quick is a middle school student at Pearson Online Academy. He lives in Burleson, Texas. As a national motocross racer, Clay appreciates Pearson Online Academy’s flexible schedule for allowing him to pursue his passion. Learn more about his story below:

Clay has had a passion for motocross racing since the age of eight. His mother, Dana Quick, says, “When we purchased his first dirt bike, he was never afraid to just jump on and ride; in fact, he won first place in a few races as a beginner.” Since he began racing, Clay has qualified for Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Motocross Championship every year, except one, due to an injury—only the top 42 kids in the nation are invited to join this prestigious race.

Prior to enrolling in Pearson Online Academy, Clay attended a private Christian school with his older sister, but needed a program that would allow him to travel for motocross while receiving a quality education. “I really like Pearson Online Academy because the curriculum is just as challenging as his previous Christian school, and the flexible scheduling also allows him to do what he loves,” Dana says. Clay typically trains 15 hours per week and travels every month for racing. He has been featured multiples times in Motoplayground Magazine for his motocross talents, and was one out of four kids in the nation chosen to be on the Rides Unlimited racing team in its first year because of his motocross ability, character, and excellent grades.

Since he can now balance schoolwork with his training and competition schedule, Clay has set and achieved many goals. “I believe discipline and a good education is important for success in anything you do in life,” he says. Clay enjoys being able to log onto LiveLesson® sessions and connect with his teachers when he needs help. Currently, his favorite class is Algebra 1, which he is earning high school credit for. “He likes the challenge of trying to figure out problems, so that’s why he loves Algebra,” Dana says.

In the future, Clay aspires to go pro at an early age and eventually race in Supercross. When he’s not racing, he enjoys spending his free time playing videogames and hanging with his friends.

I love Pearson Online Academy because I can do my schoolwork and have plenty of time to ride my dirt bike. I can also study while I'm traveling down the road.
— Clay