Andrea Morris

Andrea Morris

Ms. Andrea Morris is a social studies teacher at Pearson Online Academy. She joined the Pearson Online Academy team in 2012. Ms. Morris has a bachelor’s degree in social studies secondary education and a master’s degree in educational psychology and educational administration. She shares her teaching story below:

“I developed a passion for teaching as a teenager working at summer athletic camps. I grew up playing sports and learned a great deal about commitment, character, and teamwork from a number of coaches who had a huge impact on my development. I wanted a career that would allow me to provide the same support and guidance to young people that coaches and teachers had provided me.

I enjoy working with students at Pearson Online Academy because I love working with such a diverse group of learners whose unique stories inspire me daily. My favorite part of the job is supporting students in achieving their goals.

We are preparing twenty-first-century learners for a bright future by giving them real-world education and technology skills that will be required in college or careers. We create a welcoming community because we offer a robust student and Learning Coach support network at Pearson Online Academy, including a number of extracurricular activities that promote a diverse and positive school culture.”

Online school allows students the freedom and flexibility to explore their personal interests and obtain a real-world education on top of their traditional academic studies.
— Ms. Morris