Jodi Mallia

Jodi Mallia

Ms. Mallia is a middle and high school science teacher at Pearson Online Academy. She began her teaching career in 2009 and joined Pearson Online Academy in 2012. Ms. Mallia holds a bachelor's degree in biology and a master's degree in secondary education from Arizona State University.

Learn more about Ms. Mallia's teaching experience below:

"I actually wanted to become a doctor when I graduated college with my bachelor's degree. However, I realized that my true passion was in teaching. I went back to school for my master's while teaching chemistry as an intern at a local brick-and-mortar school in Arizona. I get excited when I teach and I really enjoy watching students learn.

The students at Pearson Online Academy are great. They are at the center of why teachers do what they do. At Pearson Online Academy, our students are curious learners. They enjoy exploring the world around them, not just reading information. I truly enjoy the challenge of being able to teach at an online school. Working for Pearson Online Academy has made me a better communicator and teacher because I get the privilege to go above and beyond to show my students that I care about their success.

My students want the extraordinary learning experience that our rigorous and challenging curriculum provides. More than that, they meet students from around the world who share in their educational journey, and have teachers who inspire them to develop an amazing curiosity about their world and the treasures it holds!"

In Ms. Mallia's spare time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and exploring the outdoors. She also spends time discovering new adventures with her husband, who's a pilot.

At Pearson Online Academy, we not only teach the material, but we also foster the unique skills of students by allowing them the flexibility to develop those skills.
— Ms. Mallia