Katie Mussachio

Lower School Leader

Katie Mussachio

“When I was working as an actress in a theater company, part of my job was to teach theater workshops to school-age children—and I loved it. As I started to look forward and consider what adventure I wanted next in my life, I kept thinking back to my experience with the workshops and decided to pursue my teaching certification.

The benefit of teaching at Pearson Online Academy is that in the virtual setting, I can get to know my students one-on-one more effectively, which allows me to better personalize the learning experience. When students leave Pearson Online Academy, they have independence, critical-thinking skills, motivation, and the skills to be self-directed.

The students are what make the school community truly special. I’ve never worked with such thoughtful, outgoing, friendly, and talented students. They welcome new students to the Pearson Online Academy family, and they reach lives around the world.”

In her spare time, Ms. Mussachio loves to read a good best seller. She loves when one of her students recommends a book for her to read. Before she found teaching, she worked as an actress in musical theater and even owned her own tea shop.

Working with such a diverse and talented group of students at Pearson Online Academy is an honor. I’m amazed by how our students pursue their dreams to the fullest while juggling schoolwork at the same time.

— Ms. Mussachio