College Success Program for College Credits

At Pearson Online Academy, we’re committed to giving our students the knowledge and tools they need to be successful–not only in our classrooms, but long after graduation.

Our College Success program gives highly motivated students the opportunity to earn college credits while still working toward their high school diploma. Both track options below are designed to help our students achieve their academic goals and explore a wide variety of college courses.

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Course-Based Option

Open to all high school students in grades 9-12 that fit eligibility requirements, this flexible option includes both instructor-facilitated and self-paced courses. Students have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of single courses, and earn credits that transfer to thousands of colleges and universities across the United States.

  • Students have access to hundreds of degree plans that are mapped to 1,800 schools.
  • The course acceptance rate into the student's target institution is 99.9%.

Certificate Option

Offered in partnership with American Public University, this instructor-led option is open to eligible students in grades 11 and 12 who prefer a more structured and curated learning experience. APU online certificate programs are ideal if you seek a short program focused on career exploration or knowledge of a specific discipline.

Students have the opportunity to choose one of six certificate programs, including:

Featured Certificate Pathways


The homeland security certificate may be suitable for those interested in public safety, criminal justice and homeland security. Students will take courses to learn about security vulnerabilities, intelligence, consequence management, and homeland defense.

The real estate management certificate may be suitable for those interested in the real estate field. Students will take courses to learn about a variety of real estate topics including real estate law, property management, deeds and leases, insurance, marketing, and negotiation.

The visual communications certificate may be suitable for those interested in graphic design, image editing and animation. Students will take courses to learn how to design, develop and deploy moving text and graphics to create dynamic and interactive digital experiences.

The fire science certificate may be suitable for those interested in firefighting, fire inspection, and arson investigation. Students will take courses to learn about the essentials of fire behavior and combustion, fire prevention and protection systems, emergency services, and safety and survival.

The e-commerce certificate may be suitable for those interested in online marketing and analytic management, search engine optimization (SEO), or web developement. Students will take courses to learn about ecommerce architecture, tools and technologies, as well as analytics, videography, search engine optimization (SEO), and content management systems.

The space studies certificate may be suitable for those interested in aerospace. Students will take courses to expand their knowledge on spaceflight history, space policy, and planetary exploration.

Participation and Cost

Consult with your Pearson Online Academy school counselor, family, and teachers before selecting your desired track option. Students who choose to participate in this program can also complete Advanced Placement® courses, if desired. Your Pearson Online Academy tuition includes the cost for all AP® courses, as well as up to 18 credits of either College Success program.

For additional information, please contact your Pearson Online Academy advisory teacher.

I was scared to start college but the progression calls with my Success Coach have helped me tremendously with time management and advice. I'm so happy to earn college credit through this program!
— Brianna, Student
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